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Is anyone else as frustratingly bad as I am at replaying games?

Content of the article: "Is anyone else as frustratingly bad as I am at replaying games?"

Something I've noticed from listening to/reading other gamers talk about their favourite games is that they seem to be far better at replaying games than I am. When you hear them talk about their favourites (specifically narrative games, rather than games that by nature have no fixed end point), they talk about being able to go back and replay and enjoy them again and again.

You'll hear "I've played through Breath of the Wild 5 times since it came out" or "I've just started my 12th playthrough of Skyrim" or "I replay the entire Metro series at least once a year", and I just can't understand how games stay fresh for people after so many playthroughs.

With games that I absolutely love from start to finish, I find I go back and the second playthrough just can't reawaken those feelings I had the first time. I lose all sense of wonder and of the unexpected. It feels like "Well, I've done this already and nothing that's coming is going to surprise me." and I end up giving up partway through. I literally find I have to wait at least around 5 years before a game starts to fade in my memory enough to feel fresh again and even then it's not guaranteed. When I try to push it and force myself to enjoy a game again I just end up feeling like I'm going through the motions and hoping that maybe the next level will spark something in me.

I adore the Dishonored games, but I've managed to play Dishonored twice and Dishonored 2 one and a half times and I just don't feel like I can go back to them again. I love the From Software Souls/Bloodborne/Sekiro games but I've done between 1 and 2 playthroughs in each of them and now when I try to go back I just can't get hooked again. Deus Ex: Human Revolution came out in 2011 and I'm just now starting to feel like maybe I can give it another go.

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Don't get me wrong, it isn't that I just don't like games that much. When I find a really good narrative single player experience, especially one with great exploration, level design and worldbuilding, I am absolutely enthralled and obsessed with it until the end credits. It's just that recapturing that feeling is so difficult.

What makes this depressing is that I'm only really interested in single player narrative games, which don't get made in huge numbers. So I'm constantly searching online lists and forums for gems that I might have missed, while waiting for a studio to release something new I want to play a few times a year.

Does anyone else feel this way? Is anyone else baffled by how other people seem to be able to get so much more enjoyment out of games than you can? Does anyone else feel like they're chasing a high that they can never get back when they replay a game?


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