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Is it even possible for E3 to return after all of this? Or is it just dead?

To be honest, I was worried at first when E3 was cancelled and no digital event was being held in its place. I mean, I saw the cancellation coming, but the fact that there wasnt going to be a digital showcase in its place left me feeling hopeless. But right now, not only has it boomed and took off, but I find it hard to believe E3 can even recover after this.

To be honest, E3 hasnt been that great for a couple years now. Multiple big publishers kept pulling out. They opened to doors to the public, and as a consequence made it so that only AAA games got coverage because the journalist would flock to those news grabs. Which left a lot of indie titles on the show floor without publication, and seeing the same article printed for a game on practically every news site, and occasionally on the same news site but by different editors. But now…Im just amazed at what has been pulled off. E3 was great because it collected and consolidated multiple big gaming news events into a tight backed 4 day event, but with it gone we just got months worth out content spread across multiple days. Not to mention the fact that E3 was becoming famous for the "pre-E3 trailer leaks" and news drops, but with the current events, most stuff wasnt actually leaked. Probably because everything was mostly kept in house until the day of, and sent over, or shared via web video chats.

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In what would have been a 4 day gaming extravaganza by E3, we got 4 days of gaming events hosted by IGN, a stellar Sony reveal, EA Play, an upcoming Uplay event, an upcoming Square Enix event, an upcoming Cyberpunk event, an upcoming indie showcase event, and much much more. To be fair, these all would have probably still happened at E3, but instead of tightly packing everything into a single schedule, it got spread out through weeks and allowed us to have gaming content for days rather than waiting for a month or 2 until the next gaming event occurred. Not only that but we got to have a lot of interest developer insights and charming events like the dev reactions to multiple speedruns of their own games, as well as not having to sit through a bunch of cringy hosts and segments and got straight to the point we were all watching, the games. Then again the Ubisoft event hasnt happened yet and they cant resist being the most cringe and having some kind of showcase for their Dance Dance games, so we'll have to wait and see for that, BUT, it still goes to show that gaming went stronger and harder than ever without E3, and Im not sure that E3 will still be a thing after this year is over. They are going to have to pull a major move to want to bring everyone back. Nintendo and Sony have already moved away from the event, and multiple other publishers have slowly been weening out as well. It stands to reason that the event may not be all that long regardless.

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