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Is there a mix of “casual-ified” features that could make an Arena FPS have more popular appeal in the modern day while not violating the sensibilities of veterans?

Content of the article: "Is there a mix of “casual-ified” features that could make an Arena FPS have more popular appeal in the modern day while not violating the sensibilities of veterans?"

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I'm especially interested in the opinions of arena FPS fans and veterans.

I think it is uncontroversial to say that it is a fact that any new games which stick closely to the old classic model of arena FPS will to fail to attract any audience other than the same small set of people who have kept playing those classic games the whole time anyway.

However, let's say a AAA publisher launched a massive marketing campaign for a new arena FPS-style game with some to all of the following features. Would you play it/consider it worth buying? Which features would you tolerate and which would be a bridge too far?

I have listed the following features in what I think is in order of most to least acceptability. Also note that these features are for the "main" game modes. Custom games and private servers will be able to run CPMA duels if they want.

  • Free to play with microtransactions for cosmetics only (non-negotiable, a paid multiplayer-only game has little chance of succeeding unless it's part of an established franchise)

  • Choice of player classes with different movement, durability and/or one special ability (what Quake Champions does)

  • Overall slightly slower game pace, for example:

    • Same advanced movement mechanics but lower base and max movement speed across the board (basically, a master of movement will still get everywhere faster than everyone else but they won't be so hard to shoot)
    • Longer TTK to compensate
  • Players always drop a small health pack on death (basically a way of doing regenerating health in a way that fits an arena shooter)

  • A wider array of "gimmicky" powerups such as:

    • Speed boost
    • Jetpack (free aerial movement but quite slow)
    • Invisibility
    • Super shield that makes you invincible but you can only melee
  • Headshots deal double damage with certain weapons (definitely not explosives)

  • Weapon customization (Team Fortress 2 style):

    • You still start with nothing as in classic AFPS, however,
    • Each of the classic weapons are instead "roles" for which you can choose from multiple sidegrade options before the match
    • For example, instead of the classic shotgun you can choose to have a very short range SMG in your "shotgun role"
    • This gun will appear instead of the shotgun in any place with a "shotgun pickup"
    • A different player who chose another weapon will receive that weapon from all "shotgun pickups"
  • Strafe jumping replaced with something with a lower skill floor:

    • Dodging/double jumping
    • Wall jumping
    • Wallrunning
    • Ground pound
    • Sliding/skiing based on momentum
    • Or all of the above with each on different character classes
  • Weapon customization (Halo style):

    • There are two sets of weapons, starter weapons and power weapons
    • There is a wide array of starter weapons, however they are all unambiguously weaker compared to power weapons
    • You can choose any 2-4 starter weapons to be on your person at the start of the match and whenever you respawn
    • Power weapons can only be obtained by grabbing them when they spawn on the map and may be specific to a certain map
    • Since you don't have to hunt for weapons just to be able to fight, ammo is much scarcer to compensate (you don't spawn with much ammo and need to hunt for ammo pickups often)
  • F2P grinding economy: classes and weapons must be unlocked with currency, either using free currency gained through playing or with real money microtransactions

  • RPG-style Meta progression:

    • Some unlockable weapons/classes are unambiguously better than others and the default
    • Or you can upgrade weapon/classes with minor stat boosts
    • This means high ranking players will not only be more skilled but also have better gear
    • However, since the base game is an arena shooter, skill will still be the main factor (at no point will equipment present an insurmountable barrier for someone using only the default stuff)
    • Obviously the meta progression would be negated in a tournament setting
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