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Is there a way to regain fun in competetive multiplayer games?

Content of the article: "Is there a way to regain fun in competetive multiplayer games?"

This thread is inspired by my main games League of Legends (LoL) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Recently I realized that the fun I experience in these games correlates with my win/loss (w/l) ratio. In both games you are put in a team with complete strangers if you play on your own (soloQ).

This gives you a wide variety of players and each one is unique. Some take the game very serious while others just play for fun and don't mind whether they win or not. Of course this leads to a clash of personalities e.g. a "fun" player doesn't mind losing a round while the "tryhard/ambitional" player gets frustrated by (obvious) mistakes.

I find myself more often in the latter category and it frustrates me because I start losing fun the moment the game's tide turns against us or when a teammate is obviously not giving his best (or plays his best but is not as experienced which is more likey but in those moments my brain doesn't realize that)

This leads to a scenario where I can't enjoy 50% of my games (statistically a player in their right elo/rank should hover around 50%). I was given the advice "just don't take it so seriously" or "just enjoy the good moments" very often but this is easier said than done. I have a really high expectation of myself and teammates (which is rather unfair) and therefore have the desire to beat the enemy. There seems to be no place for a "oh the enemy played better than me but I enjoyed the match nonetheless" most of the time. Sure there are games where I don't midn losing e.g. first match of the day or after a win streak but the more matches I play the more the above sentiment is waht i experience. For games that are unranked I don't experience the above at all or only very rarely.

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So do you guys also experience this and how do you find the balance between fun and tryharding? If you have any questions feel free to ask because I don't think the above text can describe the whole problem in detail.


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