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It seems that Ubisoft is intent on making the Far Cry games as crazy commentaries about certain issues but they are not sure how they are trying to say it.

The whole idea of Far Cry is mostly pretty simple.

The character is placed a pretty bizarre premise and their goal is to survive or outwin a common enemy, usually a person who is so wacky and intimidating that it is terrifying that a human being is capable of possessing such vileness.

In the second Far Cry 2, this premise was quite bleak and dark and the Jackal, the main villain, was a slightly charismatic but brutal dictator in Africa, a country that is notorious with tyranny and lack of democratic systems because of the centuries of imperialism that it endured that felt it quite literally crumbled, and the many resources that many still find ways to exploit.

Suffice to say that this premise gives some different shades of grey for the consequences of having so many resources and being constantly governed by kings and tyrants whose purpose was to exploit you. It is a re-occurring pattern that does not seem to stop.

Far Cry 3 is when this is taken even further.

The main character is not a hardened veteran but a careless nobody who has to quite literally learn to survive in a pretty bizarre collection of islands that are filled with truly psychotic people which makes it terrifying because these people are not technically legal rulers or have superpowers, they are there because they have so little humanity that it makes them terrifying.

This reinforces the wacky power fantasy of the game and that you can do pretty much what you wish without any real consequence.

But this is also a bit of a commentary of the evolution of the protagonist as he slowly transforms himself into a more sophisticated killer and possibly a psychopath. From taking drugs to enhance your senses, destroying outposts and properties, to slowly become more and more aggressive and a part of the culture that the islands are known for – a place for killers, criminals and thugs.

It is possibly a good commentary about the player and a bit of self-reflection about our power fantasies.

Far Cry 4 onwards is when things become weirder.

They still follow this premise where things are super wacky and bizarre and the people that you have to fight against are also just as weird and creepy, if not more.

Far Cry 4 has a charismatic dictator whose morals are bizarre but somewhat needed in a premise where lawlessness is the new rule of law and he claimed that he wanted order, even though he achieved this through murder and genocide.

Far Cry 5 is somewhat of a mix between 3 and 4 where the leader is clearly a narcissistic psychopath and he is also a cult leader who predicts a nuclear apocalypse and he is willing to control his followers with an iron fist.

The premise is still the same and the game is just as wacky but in the end, the leader was right and the apocalypse does eventually happen.

Far Cry 6 is sort of following the same formula.

The leader is ruthless and exploitative. The freedom fighters want to overthrow the tyrant but there are mentions of how a revolution is easy but building the nation again is hard, and how changing the nation into a one like removing its old ways of living will also be hard.

This formula of trying to make this wacky power fantasy into a political commentary has been a reoccurring criticism of late because it lacks the necessary punch to make the game stand out more or make the player truly aware of their actions or what is going on.

Honestly, the idea of making a self-aware commentary within a game is a very clever idea but it feels that it is either done for the sake of appearing deep or because it is not that properly developed to be that impactful.

I like how you can have a blend of two worlds – the wackiness of power fantasy, and the serious realistic side of the situation that you are in.

Honestly, this emphasis on the latter does not feel like theg have the necessary punch to truly feel that impactful


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