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It’s kind of amazing how many monetization systems have become more accepted since Evolve

Content of the article: "It’s kind of amazing how many monetization systems have become more accepted since Evolve"

Earlier today I was watching Skill Up's review of Avengers, and during the review he goes over the monetization system. If you aren't familiar with it, the basics are that you can purchase skins outright (Which from what I understand can go up to $10, but I don't know if they're all that price) and each character has a paid battle pass that costs $10 per battle pass. The battle pass can get your money's worth of premium currency earned back by completing the battle pass, but of course the rate is not only incredibly slow, but you have daily and weekly caps on how much you can earn.

Compare this to Evolve, which was crucified at release for its DLC practices. They had a bunch of skin packs available at launch, and if I recall, the base game only launched with 3 monsters (and a certain amount of hunters, but I don't remember how many) with the 4th being a pre-order bonus. Any monsters and hunters after that had to be purchased separately (we only ended up getting a 5th monster, but obviously more were planned).

Now, Evolve was far from a perfect game, it had plenty of issues. But I do believe that one of the biggest reasons that it tanked so hard is because of the response to the DLC, which was incredibly negative. But you compare that to today, where the response to the Avengers monetization seems to average out to… "meh". Obviously there are still plenty of people who oppose it (I'm one of them), but in general a lot less people seem to care about monetization in games now, with some people even supporting it! If they had launched Evolve just 3 or 4 years later, it would have fit right in and become much more successful in my opinion.

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I can't tell anyone else what to enjoy or be upset by, but it's pretty sad that the gaming community overall just continues to be more accepting of monetization. I think a large part of that comes from the fact that after a while, you get backlash to the backlash – for a while people backlashed against MTX, but then people started getting annoyed by that, so they started a backlash against those that were backlashing in the first place (I just said backlash way too many times). Either way, that's a separate discussion. As I was watching Skill Up's review, I was just kind of fascinated that it has a debatably worse DLC model than Evolve did but Evolve was basically destroyed over it because they simply made the game too early.


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