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I’ve been playing the classic Sonic trilogy my entire life, but I only just now beat Sonic 2 for the first time tonight

Content of the article: "I’ve been playing the classic Sonic trilogy my entire life, but I only just now beat Sonic 2 for the first time tonight"

I love the original Sonic trilogy with all my heart, despite the fact that there are aspects that have aged poorly (we’ll come back to this) and I never really became a Sonic fan past these original games plus Mania, they were absolutely formative to making me a fan of video games and I still enjoy playing them even now.

Unfortunately I recently lost access to my Wii and therefore my Gamecube games thanks to going off to college, so I can’t play the trilogy on the Mega Collection like I used to. Lucky for me, Sonic 2 was free on Steam recently and I snagged it up, and I played all the way through it tonight. Now, before tonight, Sonic 2 was the only one in the trilogy I had never beaten. I beat Sonic 1 and 3+K years ago, but never 2, and tonight I was reminded why.

Sonic 2 is fantastic up until the very final level when you fight Metal Sonic and the Death Egg. These two fights, one after another and given zero rings, were basically impossible for me to beat as a child, and even now I can see why I struggled. Both fights have awkward instakill zones on their sprites that kill you when you don’t expect, and they also have attacks that are either too fast to react to or aren’t telegraphed well enough to react to (specifically that rolling move Metal Sonic does, it’s a crapshoot whether or not he jumps or doesn’t, and if you guess wrong it’s an instant death).

The only way I managed to beat the bosses were with save states, used so I didn’t have to worry about lives or repeating the Metal Sonic fight whenever I lost against the Death Egg. But even under those conditions, it still took me around 20-30 mins to beat these two fights, after dozens and dozens of attempts on both fights. I didn’t even feel good after I beat them, all I really thought was “wow those fights sucked compared to the final fights of Sonic 1 and 3+K”.

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Still love the game with all my heart, and the rest of the zones are all really fair and balanced in terms of difficulty and level design. But I honestly have no idea how kids (like me when I first played!) were expected to beat that final fight. Without save states, I lost patience every time I tried.


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