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I’ve been replaying old games over new games recently and I just wanted to get it off my chest.

Content of the article: "I’ve been replaying old games over new games recently and I just wanted to get it off my chest."

I've noticed that the last few games I've played to completion are games I've already played before. Right now I'm in this wierd rut with gaming where all I wanna do is play old games.

Kingdom Hearts 2: Final mix+ from the rerelease versions. One of my top games of all time. The story, the characters, the gameplay, I absolutely adore this game, as well as the entire series in general. I find it very easy going back to replay this game since the combat as well as the challenge in the late/post game is some of the most satisfying content to ever be blessed into a video game.

Final Fantasy 7: After playing the remake, it left me craving to reexperience the rest of the story(and also yeah the ending of the remake was just a bit too left field for me). Though the controls and graphics are tad bit dated, I still thoroughly enjoyed replaying the original.

Bloodborne: Ok to be completely honest, I tend to replay this game once a year around this time of the year(when summer starts). Every single time I still find myself in awe at the atmosphere, level design, and setting. It also doesn't help that the gameplay/combat is just so addicting. laughs in Orphan of Kos screeches. Another one of my all time favorites.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition: So other than a huge graphical overhaul, QoL improvements, optional side content, and a brand new epilogue chapter, the main game itself and the overall journey is the exact same. Admittedly, this is also one of my favorite games of all time and I was so stoked to go through the game again but with graphics that look so much BETTER.

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I have all of these new games in my backlog I've never played before yet I'm going back to older games to replay. Why? I've been playing Call of Duty Warzones recently since it's free, and also Smash bros ultimate since it's my forever go-to, but it's more so for passing the time while I determine what I want to play next. But nothing in my backlog looks exciting to me right now. I know there's a steam summer sale occurring right now but I just have no drive to look for something I MIGHT like. And to make it worse, it's a bit harder to enjoy my other hobbies right now due to covid, so I can't even take time to enjoy other hobbies. Gaming is definitely one of my main hobbies but maybe I'm just burnt out at the moment?

The one game that I'm really looking forward to releasing soon is Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles remake. I played the shit out of the original growing up and that game's release is one that I'm anticipating the most, especially since with this remake, it'll have proper multiplayer instead of the fiasco they tried to implement with the GBA to GCN trash. Again, it's a game I've played so much before.

And this brings up another point: I feel like it's getting harder to be excited for new games. So far nothing announced for this year has truly excited me….

Idk I'm just conflicted. I want to experience new video games but I keep finding myself going back to older games. With all the praise that it gets, I still have yet to play Nier:Automata and that's just sitting there in my backlog. But I'm probably not gonna attempt it….I just partially feel bad because I went into covid quarantine telling myself I had all this time to finally catch up on video games….only to replay games I've played.

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Idk does anyone else feel like this sometimes? Where replaying older games might feel more fulfilling than new games?


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