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I’ve spent an entire week just to mod Fallout New Vegas. It’s super fun! Actually playing the game is fine too.

Content of the article: "I’ve spent an entire week just to mod Fallout New Vegas. It’s super fun! Actually playing the game is fine too."

I played that game when it came out 10 years ago but I've never finished it and I kept thinking I should go back to it. When I finally took the decision to reinstall it, I of course went to Nexus in order to find a couple of mods to modernize it.

I'm a patient gamer so that's not the first time I had to mod a game but for every previous experiences, all I did was to patch a thing or two for compatibility reasons or replace some textures by high res ones instead. For some games with a lot of things to correct or modify, there is usually a pack that does everything for you without you having to think too much about it. For instance it was the case for Morrowind or Vtmb.

But for FNV, no such thing existed. I had to delete everything and start over at least six different times. At first I tried to just copy-pasting the files in my directory but it was when I was still a sweet innocent summer child that thought it would be that easy.

Then I installed 4 different mod managers (FOMM, a fork of FOMM, the Nexus tool and finally MO2). I had to install other separate tools (FNVEdit, LOOT, FNVLoadGen), I had to read countless guides and reddit posts with different, dissenting strong opinions about what mods are must-haves and what mods are garbage (Don't get me start on Project Nevada). I had to manually modify INI files. I had to resolve countless conflicts between mods. An so on…

Now I'm approaching a game that is tailored cut for my tastes. I still have one or two frustrations. For instance I was unable to mod the NPCs looks without breaking the other mods. I haven't installed the new voices of "Brave New World" because I find the original voices fine. I feel like I'm doing fine with "just" 46 mods.I tried to keep the vanilla experience when I could but I didn't hesitated to change things I found stupid and now that I'm playing the game I keep changing things as I go along.

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If you want to try your hand, there are some guides on reddit but don't forget to follow the "pre-modding" guide before following the "modding" guide.

Many links can be found on the side bar of this subreddit:

Everything about what I just wrote is utterly ridiculous… What am I doing with my life?


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