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I’ve yet to find a game like Dragon Age Origins.

Content of the article: "I’ve yet to find a game like Dragon Age Origins."


Dragon Age Origins is… well to put it simply, amazing. Its honestly one of the best games I've played and I haven't found another game like it.

There's a lot of reasons as to why I love this game so much but here are the 3 main ones:


The story in DA:O starts of simple but it becomes really great. The writing is really good and the lore is just fantastic. Although the best thing about the story, is the player choices. Many RPGs give you a false sense of choice that dont really impact the world in any way, however in DA:O your choice REALLY matters. A choice you make early in the game, can kick you in the ass later. In most RPGs I find myself just choosing the choice that will benefit me the most. There isn't really any consequence for doing so. However in DA:O each choice has its pros and cons, and, I know it sounds cheesy, but I usually find myself thinking about the greater good rather than myself. Again I really think DA:O has great lore and fantastic story with impactful choices.


This is by far my favorite thing about this game. The characters in DA:O are SO well written. Every character has great dialogue and great writing. I've never met a character in this game that feels 2 dimensional. Even small side characters that show up for one quest have ALOT of depth to them and it really shows. Party members are by far the best written characters in the game. Each party member adds something new to each quest (which adds to the replayability value) whether it's a small reaction or changing the ending of a quest. Overall characters are really great.

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Now this is the reason why I said that I've never found a game like DA:O. I've been recommended games that are similar (Baldurs Gate, Divinity Original Sin 2, etc) but the combat in those games are based of DnD rulesets (forgive me if I'm wrong) and as a person who's never played DnD, I can never get the hang of them. DA:O has a combat system that's simple to understand but also complex at the same time, if you get what I mean.

Overall, Dragon Age Origins is a great game and a great RPG. If you're an RPG lover and haven't played this game, then I suggest you give it a try.

Whew this was a long post.


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