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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001)

Content of the article: "Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001)"

Just bought the Jak and Daxter Bundle for PS4 the other day ($40) which contains the 3 main games and Jak X Combat Racing. For some reason I had never gotten around to this game series until just yesterday. I have known about Jak and Daxter for most of my gaming life though. It always seemed like a funny, cool game but I just never knew exactly what it was about. Platformer? Mission based? I never did the research so I let it slip past me. I had other games to play and I guess another game always occupied my mind so I never really thought to get it. I also had no friends that had it. I feel like among my friends and I we had a lot of games but no one had Jak and Daxter. With that said, I am so upset I did not pick this game up in my childhood.

It scratches every itch of an early 2000's platformer. It has plenty of challenges and a bunch of collectables. I love to 100% these kinds of games and after starting it at around 5pm yesterday I just 100% it after 10-15 hrs. Having never played it before I was surprised at my ability to find so many things so fast but that made me love it even more. It has a seamless world and basically zero loading screens. A bunch of unique maps with hidden paths and some real thinkers for getting past certain areas. Getting from main area to main area using the vehicle was a fun challenge and all the mini challenges in the areas were fun/a bunch were shockingly challenging at times. I was impressed at the challenge for some of the missions/map layout for sure.

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The voice acting too had its charm and some funny moments. I thought Jak talked in this actually but I'm assuming he speaks in 2 and 3. Having Daxter as the little sidekick with Jak as the silent protagonist was funny and worked though. I love games like this and Psychonauts that go a little extra with the voice acting/quirky characters, it adds something extra and helps to remember the characters better.

For me this game was a solid 10/10. If you like old school platformers and haven't gotten around to it I highly recommend getting it on the PS4 store for sure.


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