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(James Cameron) Avatar game postponed to 2022 by Ubisoft. Discussion.

Content of the article: "(James Cameron) Avatar game postponed to 2022 by Ubisoft. Discussion."

Before I get flamed, this title was rumored back in 2017 as coming to psvr, from a few respected psvr channels. It'll most likely be a polished AAA game from Ubisoft with astonishing visuals, 3D & VR modes, and will release across every possible gaming platform like Squadrons did. Unless there's some kind of Sony exclusivity at launch.

Ubisoft credentials-

Ubisoft seemingly does lots of vr, and they do it very well on psvr with outdated tech. For example: Star Trek Bridge Crew, Transference, Space Junkies, Werewolves Within, Trackmania Turbo, Eagle Flight, and Virtual Rabbits.

For non-vr they brought us Rainbow Six Siege, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Far Cry, The Division, Prince Of Persia, and Watch Dogs.

Avatar insight-

The original Avatar movie released in 2009 along with the game that was launched at the same time on PS3. It was the pinnacle of 3d technology at the time. James Cameron uses the newest and best, most cutting edge technology for his work, and it shows when he earns a billion dollars in movie sales.

The game was good, I loved it. Playing in 3D on a 55" tv was as immersive as vr to me back then. Cameron is the type of man who would rather wait until the technology catches up to his visions, than to release a project on aging/outdated technology.

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Best believe Avatar jump started the 3D tv craze back in 09. Will the next movie be filmed with next gen tech in mind? Will it jump-start another slow to adapt technology? 8K? Maybe with alternate first person camera views like in Hardcore Henry, or like how they film 180° porn?

***Now the fanboy and rumor mill comes out*

What if Ubisoft, Cameron, and Sony collaborate to launch the new movie alongside the new game; which will be the 1st launch title for a new psvr2. Remember, Sony thinks 2022 is when vr will take off. 2022 is when Avatar launches. Both parties are heavily experimenting with video and image/motion capturing technology. Both parties want to blow you away with immersion that is next level. Both (moreso Cameron) want the best tech, but take forever delivering it. Cameron is probably a bit more meticulous with what he wants attached to his name/legacy, he absolutely won't disappoint. This can be a big big deal for vr if done right.

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Remember, Ubisoft is a fucking gaming powerhouse! and they know psvr really really well. Ubisoft has been here in this sub gathering feedback from VR players. Ubisoft also made ASSASSINS CREED, and Splinter Cell, and BOTH those games are getting ported to Oculus for vr. Also close to a year ago, they were hiring for several positions in their vr sector. Positions like Level Designer, Narrative Designer, and Character Artists. Here's from their job listing:
"We are building a brand-new team to work on an unannounced AAA VR project. You will work on cutting-edge VR technology, on one of Ubisoft’s greatest IP’s which will be developed across multiple studios. Join us today to shape the future of VR!”

You decide.


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