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January backlog progress & mini reviews! Highlight: The Talos Principle

I have a system for my backlog, involving a gigantic list of everything I own across all 11 systems and a randomizer that picks what I am going to play. I then play that game until I either finish or abandon it, and repeat the process. This is helping me slowly chip through the 500 games I have bought over the last ~10 years. Steam is a trap!

January progress! * finished 2 games * abandoned 1 game * bought 0 games

The Talos Principle

Finished it! I really loved this game. It’s a puzzle game where you play as a robot solving puzzles as “Elohim” talks to you from the sky and guides you. A story emerges pretty quickly, and while it’s nothing special, the way it is told is superb so I definitely did not care that the story was predictable. The puzzles were fun and solvable. I found it to be just the right amount of challenge. I did look up guides for the last couple puzzles after being stuck on each of them for well over an hour, but I’m still quite proud for how much of the game I solved myself. Note that I didn’t get all the stars and the last ending; I’ll probably go back sometime to try and tackle them, but I got both the other endings and I’m happy with that for now. I loved the religious and sci-fi tones throughout the whole game. For a puzzle game it’s atmosphere is so perfect! I also got a ridiculous amount of satisfaction out of outsmarting that computer assistant who did get a little annoying as the game went on. The endings were perfect too. I won’t say anymore for spoiler reasons, but they were really great.

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All in all, probably a 9/10 for me. Fantastic game.

Zafehouse diaries 2

Abandoned it. It’s a turn based zombie game where you see no direct action but instead order your characters around using a map. In theory this should be the kind of game I like; turn based management on a nice looking map, managing survivors, fortifying houses, breaching locations, etc. But after a few plays and having issues successfully breaching without losing half my people, I just decided I really was not enjoying it. I think either I don’t understand what I am doing or it is too difficult for me — googling didn’t really help any and so I gave up on it as it was slowly turning into an exercise in frustration.

Not a bad game exactly, just not for me. 5/10 maybe? Although tbh I’m not sure I played it enough to give it a real rating.


Finished it. This game was kind of, blah? It is a solitaire game, the standard “clearing the field by playing a card one higher or lower” with a couple twists along the way, and a story. I don’t play games for the challenge so I play most things on the lowest difficulty setting. I don’t recommend that here. The lowest difficulty setting is literally “you don’t have to do anything at all and can win the game by playing 0 cards” and that completely sapped my want to try, but by the time I realized it I was so far long and didn’t want to redo everything on a harder difficulty, so I powered through. I think the game would have been better on a slightly harder setting where you actually had to try. The story was meh, a bit hard to follow at times but not bad. The way duels worked was fun at first (before I stopped caring).

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All in all, not at all a bad game, but not really special either. Don’t play on the easiest setting. 6/10 I would say?

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Anyway, that’s it. Not really sure what the point of this post is other then sharing my last month. What did you finish last month(or give up on)?

As for forward looking, I’m currently playing through Final fantasy 12: Revenant Wings (DS), Civilization 4: Colonization (steam), hack n slash (steam), and A good snowman is hard to build (steam).


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