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Jedi Fallen Order: It’s like Sekiro, but worse

Content of the article: "Jedi Fallen Order: It’s like Sekiro, but worse"

I just finished the game after dropping it after a couple hours initially and while I didn't hate it I really don't get all the high scores and acclaim the game received. It's basically alright with a couple of huge issues.

The game is so buggy even close to a year after release now. I haven't played something that was this broken since New Vegas, enemies will commonly soar into the air, I got softlocked twice, the game crashed three times, one boss just disappeared after I died to it once and then reappeared when I went back through the area, multiple times on one boss the camera freaked out and locked me into one direction, causing me to die, and that's not even to mention the visual glitches that are too numerous to count. It's not unplayable but it's one of the few games I've played in recent memory where the bugs are so bad it has an actual negative effect on the game.

The combat feels nice and has cool animations and you get a lot of options (in non-boss encounters) with the force powers, the issue is that it lacks consistency which makes it a lot less enjoyable than Sekiro. I'd regularly request a heal and not get it (he'd even say the line but I wouldn't get the heal), multiple attacks lack the red outline that denotes an unblockable attack but are still unblockable, dodging doesn't seem to always work properly (sometimes you get iframes, sometimes not), and sometimes the force powers just wouldn't come out even with a full bar of it, and a bunch of smaller issues I can't be bothered to mention. Some of these are bugs and some are design flaws, but it still makes the combat a lot less enjoyable, because this is a hard game where one hit can drop half your lifebar if you're playing on hard. And it's not always bad, when it works it works well, but the problem is that it doesn't always work.

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The story was fine, it was more entertaining than anything that's come out of Star Wars since the Disney takeover at least. The main cast is memorable and likable but pretty much everyone else is just there. It has a couple of interesting ideas but it just doesn't do much with them, for the most part it's a basic but fun adventure.

I think the most interesting thing about it is how a AA studio from Japan and one of the most profitable videogame companies in the world both tried to make the same type of game, and the former came out great with tight gameplay and beautiful art, and the latter came out janky and just sort of bland. And that's basically what I expected, AAA isn't really a signifier of quality anymore, it's a signifier of overproduction more than anything else. I still liked FO overall, and I'd hope a sequel improves it, but given that it's an EA product I have zero expectations. In the pantheon of Soulsborneiro clones, I'd put it below Code Vein but above the Deck13 library.


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