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Just beat Bloodborne for the first time. My thoughts..

Content of the article: "Just beat Bloodborne for the first time. My thoughts.."

Never played a souls game before, heard the game as hard as hell so decided to give it a shot. Had a buddy that quit after the first hour so, that was intriguing.

In short – it is a good game, but I didn't enjoy it that much. But I heard it was a 'masterpiece', so I strong-armed myself through it. Especially after how hard it was, I just wanted to be able to say, 'yup – I beat Bloodborne'.

For context – I love me some ps4 games. God of War, Uncharted, FF7 Remake, DQXI.. all amazing. All really, really fun, beautiful stories and worlds, and kept me engaged.

One thing that all those games had was a compelling storyline that pulled me in. IMO, Bloodborne didn't do that for me. Although once you got stronger it did become addicting, it just wasn't.. fun. Or engaging to me – outside the boss fights.

Here are my thoughts:

  • The game drained me. I've never been so stressed, frustrated, and honestly just "I want this game to be done so I don't have to play it anymore". My wife even told me that she couldn't talk to me some nights because of how stressed / angry I was lol. Of course I want a challenge – but when all is said and done, and I'm done work / hanging with kids / wife, I just want to unwind. This game is the exact opposite of unwinding. It's stressful – as – fuck. Whenever I fired up my ps4 – and for some reason I just couldn't stop playing the game – it wasn't enjoyment. It was just.. a chore. But like I said, I just wanted to beat the damn game.
  • The grind, man. So much grinding in this game, it's a turn-off. Maybe not for others, but for me it is.
  • If you grind for vials / other items for a boss, and you die during the boss, guess what – back to grinding for all those vials again. Just to die at the boss again. I get that they wanted to make the game 'really hard', but it's just not enjoyable at all at that point. If I didn't look up the way to save all vials before a boss, and save the game / load the game right back if I died, I would've stopped playing. Full stop.
  • There wasn't a story outside of just.. killing monsters. Maybe I had to look for the story, go explore.. but honestly I didn't care to. In the games listed above, as you go through the story that story is fed to you. None of that happens in Bloodborne. You just find a lamp, grind for gear / levels, kill boss, repeat. And die a crap ton of times in the process.
  • My damn controller in this game and this game only, wouldn't work that well. I'd move forward and it'd be super choppy, and go between walking and running and stopping. It was so god damn frustrating.
  • I did really like the art direction and the atmosphere. It was creepy as fuck and really well done.
  • There definitely is a huge sense of accomplishment after killing a boss that you've wiped on numerous times. It's also though, stressful as hell.
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As soon as I quit the credits and it loaded a NG+, I literally said out loud "yeah fuck this" and turned it off. It was a cool experience just to say I beat a really hard game, but I don't want to play it again. At least not for a long, long time.


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