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Just beat Far Cry 5 for the first time, it was honestly epic.

So I've been doing a Far Cry Marathon and have been beating the games from FC1, FC2, FC3, FC4 and now FC5.

My FC4 thoughts post is here

To end off my Far Cry Marathon, I finally beat Far Cry 5. I have decided to play Far Cry Primal and Far Cry New Dawn when the new Far Cry comes out because I need to take a break and move on to other series to complete for my backlog!

Also, I was pretty busy with life in general so It took long to beat this game but I finally did it.

On to my thoughts

I had previously bought and had this game already installed, launched it and this game is overheats my computer badly and it struggles to run at 60 – so I had to play at low – normal settings at a fluctuating 40 – 60 FPS. I'm sure my PC is relaxing now after beating this game now haha.

The graphics are gorgeous for my low-normal, i'm sure they would have looked even more amazing at max settings. Hope County, Montana USA is an absolutely beautiful setting and I love the country american feel this game has, the mountains the forests the rivers etc.

Gameplay is basically just Far Cry 4 with changes, It's really cool how you can fly a plane or helicopter now. I also love how you can pet animals like boomer or cheeseburger or peaches they are so adorable. Mission structure felt similar to Far Cry 2 since the game is non-linear – just go to the person, do what they ask and get the resistance points. That's ideally the goal – get the resistance points and take the seed family member down. That takes me to the next subject, resistance points and the missions – most missions in this game are good but some are a pain in the butt! why do I need to spend 30 mins+ to go look for eden gate boats and trucks, spend 10 minutes to learn how to use the fishing rod to get fresh salmon for cheeseburger the bear, after beating the main main story missions – there are story missions where you need to save all the hostages which were also sort of annoying – there's no radio tower you need to mess around with to unlock the map but rather you have to travel around to clear the fog around the map and wait for any hostages to appear so I just waited around roads for those vans with the hostages and freed those.

Story wise – I think it's much better than Far Cry 4, but slightly below Far Cry 3. Far Cry 3's linear story with Vaas was entertaining and easy to follow but FC5's story is obviously non linear like Far Cry 2 so it might have been a little awkward to follow. I took down John seed, faith and jacob in that order. The Father, Joseph Seed in my opinion was a bit bland but I really liked him – he also looks the coolest out of the far cry villains too. The whole family has their own deep backstory. Jacob Seed I found the most interesting between Jacob, John and Faith to be honest with his brain conditioning practices. I think the story feels similar on the likes of Far Cry 3, in FC3 you and your friends arrive on an island and your friends get taken so you gotta save them, in FC5 you arrive as a rookie with your deputy friends and sheriff in hope county – then you gotta save all your friends and take down the main villain. As for the ending, I picked walk away because I had a feeling that Joseph would execute hudson, pratt and sheriff but even that turned out to be a bad ending since the 'Only you' song played and it seems to control our player (maybe Pratt too?) and turn him into a killer but come on maybe they could switch off the radio and have a good ending? I then restarted the game and did the other 'resist' ending and holy shit I didn't expect a nuke! wow. and Joseph begins to control the player at the end so that's also bad ending.

Oh yeah, the OST was also fabulous and R.I.P Marshall Burke and also the glasses guy in the hope county jail (think his name was virgil) and everyone else in the nuke ending 🙁

Overall, I love this game and it's similarities to Far Cry 2 but I think it's one of those games I wouldn't really come back to, probably beat this game once and leave it forever – It's long and the non-linear style makes some characters just forgettable but the journey I had was spectacular.

My only cons about this game are: some repetitive and stupid missions and the stupid random capture scenes like one time I was talking to Hurk's dad and I randomly got captured while his dialogue was still playing like wtf? And also i got captured while I was in a plane high in the sky, just really ridiculous

P.S completely forgot to write about this – The part where Jacob brainwashed you, I didn't even realise I killed Eli till I saw his face, the game brainwashed me in reality which was honestly mindblowing.


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