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Just beat Super Mario Bros (1985) for the first time. How does it hold up?

Content of the article: "Just beat Super Mario Bros (1985) for the first time. How does it hold up?"

Last month I managed to snag a copy for New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe for $25, I beat New Super Luigi U in 2 sittings and absolutely loved it (which I suppose could be its own post) and while I wanted more Mario to play, I realized I never beat the original.

So I booted it up on the Switch NES app and blew through the first 6 Worlds in about an hour, maybe it was because I just finished New Super Luigi U which is known for being hard and expecting brutal difficulty from an NES game but it was not nearly as difficult as I was expecting at first. But what felt especially jarring were the controls, I've played this game many times before but coming right off modern Mario the controls just feel a good bit more stiff than I remember, and man does Mario have some incredible momentum in this game.

World 7 is where the difficulty really ramped up for me, World 7 and 8 took longer than 1 through 6. I was using save states but only at the start of each level, I really did not want to go back and replay the World if I died at the castle. I know these levels are a good bit shorter than modern Mario, but still replaying those World 8 levels over and over since I died from that Hammer Bro in 8-4 did not seem like a good time to me. Speaking of Hammer Bros, I never really figured out how to get past them, every time I did it felt like sheer luck.

Overall, I am glad I beat it, I understand how revolutionary it was at the time but none of the levels seemed to particuarly wow me, and I wouldn't feel quite as meh about that if Super Mario Bros 3 did not exist on the same system, between that and Super Mario World it is incredible how much Nintendo improved on their level designs to make them more exciting. When I am in the mood for classic Mario, I dont see myself revisiting this one too much in the future especially since 3 and World exist. But I could, especially since it is so short. Next I guess I will have to try the Lost Levels, all I know about it is that it is very hard. Anyone play that one, and how does it hold up? How do you think Mario 1 holds up these days?

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