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Just completed Rise of the Tomb Raider after over 20h

Content of the article: "Just completed Rise of the Tomb Raider after over 20h"

I just completed Rise of the Tomb Raider (the 2nd game in the Tomb Raider reboot series), and wanted to share my experience.

Sidenote: I realized that I'm patient not only in waiting many years after release to play the game, but also in how long it took me to complete it 🙂 I took over 20 in-game hours (compared to 13.5h on, and over a year (irl time) of start-and-stop playing.

Overall, I enjoyed the game. I absolutely love games with female protagonists, especially ones that are strong and powerful. Lara Croft certainly fits that description. I enjoyed her character development and story in the first installment of the reboot series, and her story progressed well in this one.


  • Strong female protagonist: It's nice to be the heroine of the story!
  • Story and character development: Lara's story was great, and there were numerous characters in the story that stuck with me. Both friends and foes had backstories and unique characters.
  • Tomb raiding: The optional tombs that I tried were fun!
  • In-game hints: Lara muses to herself (and gives hints) when I got stuck, and that helped me progress a lot, without having to search online for a walkthrough.
  • Little tidbits of lore in the items throughout the game: It was nice to find items around the environment that added more depth into the setting.


  • Combat: I played on the adventurer (easiest) difficulty, and I had lots of trouble with some of the combat. Maybe it was because I was using a gamepad, or that I'm pretty bad with FPS-style games? I didn't have issues with combat in the Mass Effect series, and actually had fun there.
  • Length: The game felt pretty long to me. It was a little bit like playing Life is Strange, or the Walking Dead series in that the story was the primary factor driving me forward, but it was also a grind through lots and lots of combat. That was a large factor of why I played the game on and off over a year.
  • Deaths and traps: Poor Lara died so many times due to me falling into holes, missing a ledge, etc, and not to mention death from combat. In a number of them, I felt that I only learned about the trap from dying. Perhaps there were subtle environmental hints, but I learned mostly by dying, poor Lara! 🙂
  • Fighting the controls / environment: At times it felt like I was fighting against the environment / controls in order to get Lara to do what I wanted, e.g., climb up a ledge. Compared to a game like Assassin's Creed Odyssey (another great game with a strong female protagnoist!) where I felt free to move about the environment as I pleased, and the gamepad was my tool, instead of something I had to fight with.
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  • Fewer gratuitous deaths: In the first Tomb Raider, Lara's (many) deaths seemed overly gruesome. I'm really glad they toned it down in this installment.
  • Fewer quick time events: I'm happy they toned quick time events down, I'm notoriously bad at them. In the first game, you had to time it right or Lara would die, in this one, if you time it right, you kill an enemy, but if you fail it's ok.
  • Too strong protagonist? As much as I like a strong female protagonist, it felt that Lara was at times, too strong, in that she was fighting trained militia people and winning!

I'm probably going to wait some time (probably months) before I start on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but I'm kind of looking forward to it!

What are your thoughts on Rise of the Tomb Raider?


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