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Just discovered Villagers & Heroes Mobile, I’m blown away and I’m surprised more people don’t play this game!!

TL;DR- This game is unbelievable and essentially a mobile version of WoW, and more. Some mobile games came out that were similar to it, like Order and Chaos (which felt like a direct WoW rip off, which was great, but Gameloft abandoned it) and Adventure Quest 3D, but absolutely nowhere near what this game is and capable of.

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I'm a long time World of Warcraft fan. I played back in Vanilla up through Cataclysm, and recently played Classic up until AQ released. Unfortunately, given my life being a 31yo dad with a 3yo daughter, full time job, and several other aldulting responsibilities, I could not divulge as much time as I really wanted to anymore so I had to quit.

Anyway, around 2011 timeframe, I discovered a game called Order and Chaos for mobile created by Gameloft. And boy, what a game that was. I'm so many ways it felt like a direct rip from World of Warcraft, even when it came to buildings like the inns (inns were pretty much a direct rip from the game) and and main cities, it felt a LOT like World of Warcraft. So, this was an AMAZING game at the time since it was like WoW in your pocket, where you can run dungeons with friends or randoms and it was actually quite challenging in the end game. Dungeons required skilled players and sometimes would take an hour or longer to complete. And it didn't have this autoplay BS like so many mobile games nowadays have. It was just amazing.

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…Until Gameloft basically straight up abandoned it for their Sequel back in 2015, which turned out what I would call horrible and quite a flop. So now both OaC1 and OaC2 are considered pretty dead. Gameloft does not make new content for them. There still are some players, but its nothing like it used to be… it's truly sad because they could have owned the future of mobile MMORPGs. I tried some new games like Addventure Quest 3D, and it's cool.. but just not for me. It seems too dry and simple. Although the story line is great. But it's geared more toward the single player with no real dungeon content.

Fast forward about 5 years. I was never able to find a computer or mobile game that could fill this void that I hungered to fill for MMOs like that of WoW or OaC. I play a lot of Monster Hunter games. Mostly MH Word/Iceborne and now, MH Rise. But that's a different type of game and rush. It's not that massive open world content that I love so much.

And then I just recently found this Villagers and Heroes game. I remember hearing about it a couple years ago, not sure if it was for Mobile or PC that I heard about. But, just the name kind of turned me off. Sounded like some farm type game. Didn't really do much research on the matter. Little did I know, farming was only part of it. It's like WoW and more. Order and Chaos was very limited on gear visuals and a lot of the gear looked a lot alike. It was a great game with gear sets and all. But, it was limited by the technology of its time… as Stark once said.

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I'm not far into this game. Only Lvl 15 and just got my first mount. But I've seen the gear system in this game, the refreshing new system that's unique by itself but still similar to what I've seen in other MMOs. I've yet to access any team dungeons, but if I'm not wrong, there are 15man raids in this. Also not sure if that can be done on high-end phones. But that's just incredible! There have been some games that have released over the years to scratch that mobile raiding itch a lot of us have. But they've had autoplay and lacked a lot of the story line that this game has to offer.

So far I'm blown away by this game and I am only now just playing it, even tho the mobile version released in 2018. The coolest thing about this, in my opinion, is that it has crossplay with PC. Sure, the graphics on PC are much better. But the sheer convenience of being able to whip out your phone and play is just amazing, and I'm huge on mobile games.

I know this has been a long post. But I just can't believe the capacity of this game.. and that there aren't tons more people playing. This game honestly checks off all the boxes I have wanted over the years. I hope I dont have my expectations too high. But, this game certainly will be my fix for a long while. And I couldn't be more excited about it!!

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