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Just finished Disco Elysium and I gotta say… what a trip!

Content of the article: "Just finished Disco Elysium and I gotta say… what a trip!"

I wanna share my thoughts and keep this as spoiler free as possible, but we'll see how I do.

This game was a ride from start to finish. It's disorienting, unnerving, and kinda hilarious. Every character in the game has a very distinct personality and the world feels very "lived in". Depending on how you spec your character changes how he reacts to the world. It all comes across as both extremely organic and very jarring.

It's incredibly text heavy, which can turn me away from games sometimes, but I found it really compelling. It plays with the tropes of a detective novel in this post-apocalyptic setting and runs wild with it. Everything in the game ties together in some way, which is impressive, given how many different odd things there are in the game. All the politics, the people, the ideas on authority and drugs and psychic connections, it all coalesces into a theme that's being explored and it makes a statement about all of it by the end.

And while very ambitious and incredibly well done, it's not perfect. There's no real action in the game. It really is just dialogue trees all the way down. I understand it's a small team with lots of dialogue to review, but the fact that there were still obvious typos in a few scenes really bugged me. And the downside to having this well developed theme that it explores is that the game definitely railroads your choices towards the end.

Despite that, I really loved this experience and the story that it told. I had that feeling after the credits started to roll that I get after finishing a good book and not wanting it to end, that sort of satisfied malaise that comes from turning the last page and turning back to the cover. I don't often get that from finishing games. All told, it took me around 30 hours to complete and I definitely screwed around a bunch and tried to get everything.

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If you're a fan of adventure games or story heavy top-down RPGs, or just really cool psychedelic stories, I highly recommend this one. It's beautifully done.


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