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Just Finished Doki Doki Literature Club

Content of the article: "Just Finished Doki Doki Literature Club"

I installed Doki Doki Literature Club on Steam a long time ago. It was free, I had heard vaguely positive things about it. It sat around on my hard drive for some time, and I finally got around to finishing it.

The gameplay is fine, though very light. It's your standard visual novel romance. You have three girls to choose from, and you try to romance one. You make a handful of multiple choice decisions that result in branching story paths. You also need to play a word-association minigame. To write a poem that your particular romantic target will like, you have to choose words that relate to her personality.

The writing is where this game really shines. The pacing is excellent. There's bits of foreshadowing, but it's subtle. The dialogue and characterization is well done, easy to follow. It's mostly light slice of life stuff, but the game knows just the right spots to throw a small wrench into the formula.

For example: every 'day' follows the same structure. Talk to the girls in whichever order, do the word game. After a few days, there was a moment where I wrote a poem for the nerdy girl, and the tsundere girl got mad and stormed off. "You clearly wrote this for her." So it "skipped" the conversation with her, since I clearly wasn't trying to romance her. The attention to detail, in that small interaction and others, is all great.

I don't "play" a lot of visual novels, and I almost never play romance games. But at just two hours, this didn't overstay its welcome. I don't usually factor price deeply into my impressions. But a game of this quality level being free is a hard detail to ignore. I've also heard the game is getting some sort of expansion/free update in the nebulous future, so that's cool.

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EDIT: Sorry for the confusion. I was using the rounded Steam library number for playtime. The actual number is 2.7 hours. But yes, I am a fast reader, and yes I did finish it.


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