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Just finished Far Cry 3. Some thoughts

Content of the article: "Just finished Far Cry 3. Some thoughts"

Mixed feelings about the game, but overall, very positive.

After trying to play a few FPS, I jumped on Far Cry 2, which was a very flawed but also great game. Then I jumped into Far Cry 3, which overall fixes many complains I had with Far Cry 2 while introducing some others.

But still, overall, I loved the game. Had a lot of fun, and I'm glad I got to play it.

So starting with the negative:

The game overall feels a lot less immersive than Far Cry 2 did. It's in all the little details, like how the map switches screens and has all these extra little details right of the bat instead of being an ingame model the character brings up with his hand. How you can teleport at will (as handy as it is). How the camera leaves your view multiple times to give you a cinemative or eagly view at times. The UI taking up a quarter of the screen at times. Far Cry 2 did a better job at this, though it had it's won faults.

It could had been better if it provided convienence without sacrificing function. For example, the map thing is self explanatory, Far Cry 2 simply did it better. Getting around the island could had been made easier with transport points (similar to buses in FC2). FC2 simply had them a little TOO spread out. What if the allies in cars served as these points, moving around the island and always being at an arms reach? The point is, there were better alternatives, though I can see how development could had been more costly.

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Finally, the UI. The minimap is convenient, but it takes your eyes away from the main scene, which is already georgeous. Ammo is ok I guess, though other games have more clever ways to key you on your ammo without taking your eyes away from the main picture. There are other ways I could think of to solve both things, but this is definetly the easy way.

Money also feels out of balance. I always had way too much money to the point were collectibles seemed useless. It was just collectibles for the sake of collectibles (with a few exceptions, like letters). Granted I could also completly ignore it, which I did once I was decked out and fully loaded for more than a few sessions. It wasn't BAD, but it could had been better balanced.

The main story was okish. But then again, I'm not playing the game for the story. My only main gripe with the main story was that most of these kids I'm rescuing seemed like jerks I just wasn't interested in saving. They had no charisma that drove me to worry about them at all. My enemies had more charisma, as crazy as they were. Yes, they were psychotic murderers, but they took over the scene whenever they were present.

Which brings me now to the positives:

Hell the game is FUN. I spent a lot of time liberating outposts and towers just because it was fun to do so. Killing quests and hunting quests were fun, but I stopped doing them once I was maxed out.

I feel it was fun to a few reasons. First, shooting is tight, and the wide array of weapons really allow you to approach the different liberation posts freely. Posts and missions are also very varied, so you are not exaclty doing the same thing for too long. Enemies are also varied enough that you have to make use of your repertiore to dispatch of them efficiently and differently. We could have had more enemy variation, but what was there was quite satisfactory. Especially when they mixed them up, apply patterns and included animals in the mix.

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Game is beautiful. Which is why I wish it did more to immerse me in it's world. It obviously has some graphical limitations from it's time, but overall, I never got tired of looking at it and simply had to stop to appreciate the environment at times.

Vehicles. They worked fine and were fun to use. A bit to cumbersome at times, but I wouldn't put that on the game. Supply quests were fun, but I wasn't playing this game for it's driving.

So overall.

As I said at the beginning. Very fun game, which in the end, is all that matters. Could had been better, but it's still a great experience.

I wouldn't say it's an "unmissable" experience. I wouldn't have payed $60 at launch. But for it's current steam price of $20 (or even less, even free as of recent giveaways), Hell yea.


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