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Just finished God of War 2018. Someone’s chopping onions.

Content of the article: "Just finished God of War 2018. Someone’s chopping onions."

So I just finished the new God of War, took my time with it if you couldn't tell. I really loved the story and dialogue, each character was great from the goodies to the baddies.

I'm going to break up this post into story, game play and likes/dislikes. Before I go any further though, I just wanna say this is my SUBJECTIVE experience. I am definitely not a godlike gamer, for sure I've spent a lot of my life gaming but a recent diagnosis of ADHD has explained why I can't focus on things the same way other people can and why some styles of writing or game play loop easily bore me.

Also why I'm pretty shit at most games. So if you see me say I liked something you didn't, or disliked something you liked, just remember my experience doesn't detract from your own at all.

So story. Really amazing work done by Santa Monica here. I never thought while playing the original God of Wars as a kid that Kratos would be described as "fatherly, awkward, overly concerned" by people online when his main motivation has always been fucking shit up on a cosmic level.

That being said, I think they did a fantastic job of painting him as an individual that's literally been to hell and back a few times and is over it all. Considering all that's he's been through, a raving shell of the Ghost of Sparta roaming the ruins of Greece like Gwyn seems more likely. But he's moved away from all that, settled down and had a family. If you've played the game you've seen the story beats that have him progressing from Gruff Kratos to Dadtos, and it really brings a tear to my eye.

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I think Mimir was fantastic storytelling uncle role fulfilment, especially considering technically Atreus has known no one but mum and dad until he leaves the woods, and I think Brok and Sindri were excellent comic relief. The bad guys were fun to dislike. At first they seem a bit edgy or overzealous, but then you remember Baldur has been stuck in a magic sensory deprivation tank for a century, and Magni? And Modi seem to get a fair beating from Thor for not much. So it makes sense that the Aesir you run into are all puffing their chests out demanding you fight them and goading you; they are literally the children of bullies and abusers and it shows. Sort of like Norse reflections of earlier Kratos.

Freya? Oh boy. I see some people say they understand her motivations and honestly, that scares me. To do that to your own child, just to save yourself pain or stave off fear of loss…horrifying. I know the prophecy about Fimbulwinter which she knew so it was probably a case of good intentions bad results along with motherly love, but she's the epitome of helicopter parenting. We grow stronger through adversity, and the only strength Baldur gained was thrust upon him, forcing him to embody a literally unfeeling God. Surprise surprise he's a bit cuckoo.

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But anyway the Easter egg at the end of the game when you go home with you know who, great sequel cliffhanger material. I'm really keen to see what they do with the next entry.

So combat. I played this game over months dipping in and out and suffered from that "wait what was I doing? My gear is what level? Hyperion huh?" feeling of not having a streamlined experience. This is one of the times I'm gonna go "ahm retardad" because of my ADHD and just admit I'm not that good at sticking something out or keeping track of things, and I'm OK with that.

As a kid I had a real completionist streak trying to emulate my brothers, but I've realised growing up that we're different people, and I like to throw axe and make draugr go ded. So I ended up turning it all the way down to give me a story when I'd first tried on God of War and Baldur had fisted me flat out. I think they did good giving people multiple options, allowing people to either just experience the game or creating a real challenge that a lot of people have loved.

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