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Just finished I Am Setsuna, a new but classic jrpg.

Content of the article: "Just finished I Am Setsuna, a new but classic jrpg."

So yeah I just finished playing I Am Setsuna. It came out in I think early 2016. I had been wanting to play it for a while but wasnt sure about it, and with a 40$ price I didnt want to risk on it being shit. I saw some reviews that were good, but still never good the gamble. It was on not bad recently for 20$ and I had nothing to play and had that jrpg itch so I figured why not.

The game doesnt have a game clock, sadly which is something I hate in games because you want to know how long you have played, but I'm sure I put in a good 30-40 hours. The game is just amazing. 10/10. I cant give it enough praise. That is, if you played and enjoyed those classic 90s jrpgs. If you never played chrono trigger or final fantasy 6, you might not get this game. If you at least played stuff like final fantasy 7, grandia, or breath of fire, then you should understand what this game is going for.

I think the full game is less than 2 gigs, so that should tell you whats going on. It isnt about the graphics here, there is literally no cut scenes, cgi, ect in the game ever. Its about the gameplay, combat, and story.

To be honest, the game starts pretty slow. Its good, its like hey this is a classic jrpg and I see what they did here. But it took me around a dozen or so hours in and until you get like the 5th person in your party to be like hey I'm really into this. Story wise that is, the gameplay and combat clicks from the first battle, the ripped off all the best of the old shit, but it fucking works, and its been so long since I played a game like this that I forgot what its like and its brand new almost, and just feels great.

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Once the story gets rolling its really interesting, again, you can see the games the ripped off, but I dont mind it all. Its just a nostalgia ride and I dont want it to end. At ever turn of the story, town, dungeon, character, etc I was like oh yeahhhhhh that game. Its just like a best of, of those classic jprg games of the ps1 ish era.

By the time I got to the end game I was all on board for it, like ok wow this is one of the best games I have played in a while, and I play every major aaa game on release usually. It doesnt happen to me often anymore being in my 30s, but I know a game is good when I wake up early to play it or think about the game when I am not playing it, but thats what happened to me here. I had to wakeup early this weekend to finish the game and grind it out, I was staying up late this week after work to get some hours in the game. It made me feel like a kid again, playing a jrpg and grinding in my free time to get the best gear to take on the hardest enemies and destroy the last bosses in a few hits.

Just man, I wish they still made games like this, but at lest we got this one. Its just such a throwback to my childhood/teen years, just playing chrono trigger/cross or final fantasy 6/7/8/9, breath of fire, grandia, xenogears, whatever, ect, the list goes on.

If you grew up on those games, do yourself a favor and play I Am Setsuna. I wish I played it sooner. Its just an amazing game from start to finish. After the final boss, the game goes on, and there is still more story to see, and there is ever is this town where the devs break the 4th wall, and its like ok wow, these people cared about this game. They legit wanted to make a fun, good game, that made people feel some type of way. And they hit it at every fucking level.

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The easiest way for me to say how good this game is, is this. I am 32 and one of the best memories of my life is my dad making me breakfast one weekend morning and me eating and playing final fantasy 7 and trying to get past the boss in red xiii's cave. Just something about that game, and that morning always stuck with me. This game makes me feel like that.

If you like classic jrpg's, play this game.


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