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Just finished Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and now i have to update my list of favourite Playstation Exclusives

Content of the article: "Just finished Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and now i have to update my list of favourite Playstation Exclusives"

I was always curious about vanillaware games, the style they had always catched my eye but i never got around to actually playing one of them until i tried OS Leifthrasir on my vita. Now, after 35 hours of beating the game, all the optional bosses and getting the true ending, i can definetly say i understand the hype now.

The game is basically a 2D beat'em up/hack and slash with RPG elements like leveling, cooking and alchemy. Each area in the game is divided in connected places where you fight enemies and get a ranking (S/A/B…etc) and places where you can cook, plant seeds you collect to get fruit and buy items. The story itself is told from the perspective of five characters, each with their unique gameplay style (Gwendolyn is a valkirye focused on air moves, cornelius is small but fast, mercedes uses a bayonetta that's basically a machine gun, etc), even though all five stories happen semi-concurrently, you need to finish all 6 chapters with one character before you can start the next one, thankfully if you get confused about the order of events, the game has a flowchart that even allows you to replay cutscenes.

The gameplay itself is fun, fast paced but not mindless in the slightest, since you unlock so many different abilites during the course of the game and can craft so many attack items with alchemy that you have a lot of different ways to tackle encounters, and you can build your character by upgrading the ablities you find most useful to your playstyle.

This is however, still a beat em'up at it's core, and some repetition definetly rears it's head, but it's all mitigated thanks to the fact that all characters control and play wildly different, and you spend at most 7 hours with each, so you don't get bored of using any of them and, again, the options you have in combat definetly allow for some variety.

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The story reads like an ancient mytological tale (which is definetly inspired by, particularly in norse mythology) and even when you think "wait, how did X happen?" you can be absolutely certain the game will explain in another of the campaigns, and everything ties neatly in the end, even if, this being a mythological tale of armageddon, a happy ending is not guaranteed for everyone.

Of course i can't review this game without talking about the staggeringly pretty art. Everything, from the characters to the backgrounds to the menus themselves are beautifuly designed and drawn, even the characters with exaggerated atributes like Brigan and Odette.

Overall, i'm glad i listened to my gut and played this one, it's so weird nobody talks about it when speaking of best playstation exclusives of this generation (I know it's a remake of a ps2 game but then again, so are SOTC and FFVIIR) and maybe i will take a look at muramasa rebirth next to see if that one is as good as this one, at least i know it will be just as pretty.


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