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Just finished one of the sub’s darling Sleeping Dogs. Really enjoyed it so wrote up a review.

Content of the article: "Just finished one of the sub’s darling Sleeping Dogs. Really enjoyed it so wrote up a review."

The game is a mashup of GTA Vice City and Simpsons Hit & Run set in the vibrant world of Hong Kong brimming with life, humor and personality. If that doesn't appeal to you, we didn't have the same childhood. The world by itself would get a 9 from me, but the fun gameplay makes walking around and exploring the world fantastic. This game is pure fun. Simple premise of tight driving in an immersive, vibrant world and the game just lets you loose in the middle of it. The random missions are simple, forgiving and their purpose is just to let you experience the world of Sleeping Dogs' Hong Kong. The gunplay was consistently super fun and really makes you feel like a badass.

This time last week I thought I'd finish the game in 20 hours tops because the drug busts didn't interest me at all and those were the only side hustles available. How wrong I was. At around 40% through the main story, there are races, boosting cars, collector of debts, random favors etc. all over the map. The game took up 35 hours at the end and easily could've been longer if I had wanted it to, the races especially are replayable. The game starts slow, but it picks up heavily halfway through. The story overall is pretty great with memorable characters. The side stories are all made with heart and humor, but major stories can be dark. If you're only doing the main storyline the game can be short but that's doing a disservice to the game. There's enough varieties in side missions that you'll definitely have something you'll like.

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Some cons of the game:

Melee combat was ok but didn't have the fluidity of the Arkham games. Counter feels unbalanced, not just because it's overpowered but many enemies can barely be interacted with unless you counter an attack. It really messes with the flow of combat. The environmental attacks and combos do offer some gory kills though so that's fun. Overall though I think a more fluid combat system would've been tremendous considering how much of it there is in the game.

My biggest issue with the game though is the RPG elements. With how much side content there is in the game, a far better RPG element system would've done the game a lot of good. Face/triad/cop/melee progressions felt pretty unsatisfactory. My biggest gripe though is how visually unsatisfying it is to buy all these cool clothes and cars. Imagine as you progress through the game getting the ability to buy bigger apt/houses and bling it up, having a huge closet where you can see all these clothes you bought and a giant garage where you keep all the bikes/cars. Getting all of that would be amazing to feel like a big time gangster growing up from a foot soldier.

There was a ton of small bugs I experienced throughout the game. Nothing gamebreaking but it's there on PC at least. Reloading usually solved the issues.

Overall the game was pretty good. It's a world 100% worth exploring with enough varied content to truly make it come alive. I think my dislike for the RPG elements and lack of upgrade options kept me from getting super invested in the world but I still did all of the races and most other mission types that I liked. Haven't played either of the DLC yet because I'm not really into the supernatural stuff.

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