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Just finished replaying Arkham Knight and I’m still trying to like it..but can’t

Content of the article: "Just finished replaying Arkham Knight and I’m still trying to like it..but can’t"

A few days ago I felt like playing some Arkham games. I've finished Asylum 2x, City 3x and Origins 1x. First two are absolute favorites of mine, City being a little bit higher on the list. Origins was..okay, not bad but not great either. It was a decent game, didn't leave much of an impact (I did like the electric gloves though, that was cool).

So I've decided, let's replay Arkham Knight. I remember having a somewhat love-hate reationship with this game but couldn't quite remember why, except that the batmobile felt forced. Now after I've finished it again, here are my thoughts, or more precisely, my problems with this game.

  • The batmobile: the biggest offender is this one. Weird because the car (tank) itself is pretty cool to have, but it was clearly forced in too many times. I understand that they had to come up with something new but this was a massive miss imho. The combat was mostly fun, but not something I'd expect from this franchise + it got stale around the end, almost like they're just throwing these drones at us to make the game longer (and this leads us to the second point):
  • Fluff: Feels like there was so much filler in this game. This mostly consists of the batmobile parts, especially when we had to destroy the Knight's tank surrounded by those other heavy hitting tanks, but the part with rounding up Harley's Jokers also count. This may be just me though. I actually really enjoy the combat system of the Arkham games, but here it sometimes turned into a chore. This may be just a personal problem, so take it as you will.
  • Wayfinding: I've also had problem finding my way pretty often. I somehow never had this problem in previous games but here it really grinded my gears. I especially hated the two blimps. Once again, this may be just me.
  • Arkham Knight: I'm familiar with the DC universe so I already suspected it's gonna be Jason, but when Batman started having the flashbacks about Joker killing him, it wasn't even a question anymore that Arkham Knight = Red Hood. I wonder how other felt about this, especially those who are not familar with the lore.
  • Joker: As much as I love the character and listening to Mark Hamill doing "the voice", his inclusion once again, felt forced. Joker is well loved by many and was there in all the previous games, but as he got killed off in AC, I think they should have left him there. The whole reasoning behind how was his sentience transferred was bs too (okay, as comic book logic goes it should pass but it just didn't click with me, it just screamed the whole time that they included Joker because he's a fan favorite and then tried to tailor the rest of the story around him taking over but it failed gloriously).
  • Ending: Not much to say here, the first ending was pretty damn anticlimactic, we had plenty of Bruce hallucinating stuff all the time in the game, now it's the same except with the Joker, a short and lame figurative fight, the whole thing came from nowhere, he was haunting us the entire game and bam, solved, Scarecrow also unceremouniusly got taken down, and there you go.

Not to mention that the true ending was hidden behind a 100% completion, not like that was a lot more satislyfing but come on.

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All in all it may sound like I hate the game, but I don't. Well I don't particulary like it that much either. If this wasn't an Arkham game I'd like it a lot more, but as it is one of the series, I believe it's the weakest out of the four. It felt like it was all over the place, they tried to fit so much into it and the game just crumbled under its own weight.

I'd personally give it a 7/10, Origins being 8/10, Asylum 9/10 and City 10/10 (if I'd have to differentiate between AA and AC, otherwise both are 10/10).

I'd love to hear your opinions on the game, please do share what do you agree or disagree with.


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