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Just played Generation Zero and it’s pretty bad.

Content of the article: "Just played Generation Zero and it’s pretty bad."

I played co-op with my brother on Steam.

The game starts off quite well. The movement is fluid, the graphics are nice and the music is awesome. I love the sound design. When bullets whizz pass, you really get the feeling that you were almost hit. Fighting the robots was really fun, but after about 2 hours, you've pretty much experienced everything.

According to steam, I played for 26 hours and I feel like a crazy person because I kept playing the main mission hoping that something would open up and bring the fun back.

Boy was I wrong.

In terms of missions, it's very simple. You either flip a switch, destroy a robot or pick something up. That's literally it for the main missions. For the side missions, you just pick something up or listen to a recording.

Fighting the robots is really fun, and is different from fighting a living being as they don't feel pain and will charge right towards you regardless of them getting shot. There are only 5 different types of robots and fighting hundreds of them just gets tiring.

I think the worst part of the game tho is the inventory management and shortcuts. The game utilizes a list system instead of a grid system, meaning you have to scroll a lot to find certain items. This makes it a total pain to assign shortcuts to things like medkits and throwables, especially since you only have 4 shortcuts for those. I ended up not using many expendable items because of this.

There was a crafting system but in my whole playthrough, I only managed to find one schematic which was essentially useless, giving a 1% bullet damage resistance. I picked up tons of materials but no other schematics, so never used them.

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So the UI is crap, the gameplay loop is crap. Maybe these would have been acceptable if the world design was good, but I didn't like that either.

All the houses were pretty much identical, it made looting awfully boring. The bunkers that you have to unlock were exactly the same. I'm not even kidding when I say when you play 2 hours, you've played the whole game.

The ending was incredibly disappointing as it literally just shoved the credits in my face. Didn't even realize I had finished the game.

I really wanted to like the game, but ultimately I would never recommend it to anyone.

Note: I did only play the base game and have watched some videos of the DLC. They seem to add a bit but it keeps the repetitiveness.


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