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Just played through the OG Halo trilogy on PC, here are my impressions Spoilers

Content of the article: "Just played through the OG Halo trilogy on PC, here are my impressions Spoilers"

Some background: A lifelong PC gamer, never owned a console, played some Halo CE & 2 co-op with a friend back in the day but that's it. I've also managed to avoid most of the big story spoilers.


**Combat Evolved**


I'll probably get crucified for this but I think this game simply hasn't aged all that well. The gunplay is alright but the enemies get samey pretty fast. The level design is great at times ('The Silent Cartographer' deserves a special mention) but many missions are just endless sets of bland, repetitive hallways. The fact the second half of the game is basically just the first half in reverse order makes it even worse. 'The Library' and 'Two Betrayals' in particular felt like a massive chore to play though. The story is pretty simple but gripped me enough to see it to the end.


**Halo 2**


Liked this one a lot more. The gameplay felt significantly tighter, correct me if I'm wrong but I think they used a more modern engine while CE was built on top of the original PC port? The level design is more solid, while it doesn't have any particularly high points it doesn't have blunders like 'The Library' either. Again, the story is pretty good but some parts of it don't make sense and it feels like the writers were rushing it towards the climax ("Oh look, the humans are actually putting a fight now! Better start a civil war and cause a massive portion of our military strength to defect.") and the third game pretty much confirmed that this was probably the case (more of that later). The CG cutscenes were pretty dope, though.

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**Halo 3**


Easily the best in terms of gameplay and mission design. The final assault on The Ark immediately became one of my favorite video game moments. My only gripes are the rather slow start and the best level in the entire series being followed by one of the worst (yes I'm talking about 'The Cortana').

But the story… Man, I think they really shat the bed here. Truth turning from a cunning strategist to an insane zealot (because apparently the writers realized that they killed off every bad guy who gives a damn about Halos, Forerunners and shit in the previous game but still wanted to have that stuff involved here), the Gravemind also turning into a dumbass and sending EVERYTHING, including itself, to the one place where they could all be conveniently wiped out, Miranda dying like an idiot for the sake of drama…


All in all, I think the games were good but I'm not sure if the series is worth the massive hype. I think the games truly excel in massive battles in open areas and I don't understand their insistence on having all those lengthy sequences in cramped hallways, especially in the first game. I'm going to start Reach soon and will be playing the rest as well once they are available.


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