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Just rolled credits on Arkham Knight

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As a player of Asylum and City, I’m not sure why I didn’t jump on Arkham Knight when it came out. Perhaps it was due to the formula starting to feel stale (thanks Shadow of Mordor), or what but the game was 4 bucks earlier this week. With the announcements for the DC Fandome last week, the time was right.

To my (not so) surprise, much of what made the Arkham games persisted. Big fights with many enemies with Batman hurling around in all directions, stealth rooms swinging around on the batclaw. It all felt good to be back.

The city wasn’t quite as big as I anticipated but I actually found this to be okay. Open world games today feel enormous so this was a nice change of pace.

I enjoyed the story of Scarecrow bringing fear down on the whole city much like the first Nolan movie. The Arkham Knight was… okay. I got tired of his distorted voice and amateur moves pretty quick, but his identity made for a good story twist. Seeing other familiar faces along the way is also fun.

Side quests were okay. The riddler line was the most well fleshed out and teaming up with catwoman was a good time!

That brings us to the elephant bat in the room. The Batmobile.

Jesus they leaned on this thing hard. They REALLY wanted everyone to love it too. I, like many, did not. The batmobile only controlled well in “battle mode” and drives like a dump truck. There were SO. Many. Missions. Where its use was required and I was beyond exhausted with it by the end.

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Cut the batmobile time by 60-70% and this would have been a far better game.

If it’s still cheap, play it for the story. It’s worth. Not too long, maybe 15-ish hours if you stay on track.

I didn’t 100% the game. Didn’t love it that much, but I’m happy I played it.


Edit: u/acosmichippo reminded me that Joker really deserves a nod here. I was worried they were going to skip him after City and the way he’s incorporated in Arkham Knight (without spoilers) both makes sense and is exceedingly entertaining. From a technical perspective, I have no idea how they accomplished some of what they did. Mark Hamill is an absolute treasure.


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