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Last of Us Day: Cheats on Grounded Glitch

Content of the article: "Last of Us Day: Cheats on Grounded Glitch"

No, this isn't click bait or karma farming. No, it isn't achieved through a hack of the PS4 we have or of the game itself. It is 100%, honest to god real. I'll explain how we found it and I'll even include video evidence of how we activated it. The post will include spoilers, so proceed with caution.

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend was playing Part 2 on Grounded, when she got stuck during Abby's Day 1, waiting for Lev and Yara to come save her when she decided to go back and collect something she had missed previously in the game. She loaded up chapter select, put the game on Light and activated the cheats because the collectible was far in the chapter and she wanted to have fun getting it. Once she got it, she loaded back into her Ground save, and we found that the cheats were still active. The ability to manipulate them was still locked, but the cheats themselves were still on.

We repeated the process of loading into the Light save file, turning various cheats on and off to see if they would still be locked in place on the Grounded save. Every time we did it, the cheats would still be on or off no matter the combination. So we found a way to use cheats, and we got excited about the discovery.

However, we didn't know if it was just a glitch with her save or if it could be replicated, so we switched to my PSN profile and tried the same thing with my Grounded save, which was about halfway through Ellie's Day 2, when she is about to enter the hospital. After loading into a lower difficulty save(this time we used a Medium file) turning on the cheats and then loading into the Grounded one, we found that again, the cheats were locked in the on position.

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At that point, I wanted to post about it right away, but there was so much we didn't know. We didn't know if it could be activated at any point in the game, if they would stay on throughout the game even after the perspective switch halfway through the game, whether or not they could be active during Santa Barbra. I tested quite a bit and here are some of my notes on the whole thing:

  • The glitch requires 2 save files, one on Grounded and one on any difficulty that lets you use cheats
  • This glitch was performed with New Game+ files. We have no idea if it works on New Game
  • We have only been able to get the glitch to work from Ellie Day 2-Seraphite chapter until the end of Abby's Day 3
  • The cheats do not work in Santa Barbra for some reason, it is something we haven't figured out yet
  • Bad news: we have NO IDEA what caused it to happen. Both mine and my girlfriend's Grounded saves were at 2 completely different spots and yet the glitch worked on both.
  • More bad news: because of the previous point, we so far haven't been able to replicate it on any other Grounded save, on either of our accounts.
  • The activation of the glitch isn't tied, as far as I know, to how far you are in the game. I replayed the game on Grounded up to Ellie's Day 2, the earliest point we were able to get it to work, and I was still not able to replicate it on any Grounded file except my original and GF's original
  • Good news I guess: playing with cheats on still popped the trophy for Grounded
  • It isn't linked to accessibility options. Up until this point, I had not used any while my girlfriend had lock on aiming enabled.
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So far this is all we have. I'm currently working on a theory that it's tied to collectables, and that maybe one of them causes the game to allow the glitch to work. I'm sharing it now because I feel like the community as a whole might be able to figure it out. And even if we don't Naughty Dog might, which is ok for me. After the spending a lot of the month trying to find how it works, I just want to know lol. I'm heading in to work, so questions will have to wait a few hours or until I can manage some phone time. I'm posting this in the r/thelastofus sub too and tagging Naughty Dog on twitter leading them to this post. If you read this whole thing, thanks and happy The Last of US Day! PS: I'm kind of shit at the game, so don't judged my poor playing too harshly


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