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Let’s discuss valhalla/ubisoft

Content of the article: "Let’s discuss valhalla/ubisoft"

Many of you have a somewhat functioning game, allowing you to play the story and explore without any gamebreaking issues. For thousands – maybe tens of thousands(?) – that isn’t the case. It is also true that not a single player has a perfectly running game almost two weeks post launch.

On so many levels this game is broken. Screen tearing, audio/dialogue problems, 15+ story progression/gamebreaking bugs, the list goes on and on.. but the emphasis of this post is not ubisoft releasing an unfinished game. It’s about their complete lack of urgency to restore any faith lost in the community due to every aspect of this horrendous release and fix it.

Gamebreaking bugs are unacceptable. If a player cannot play the story, there is zero point to an AC game. On ubisofts forum ( they state the known issues with quests. It also goes on to say “not all of these issues are yet recognized by the devs, but will be submitted for investigation once we’ve collected enough information”. The link to their official known issues thread does not mention ANY quest progression bugs besides Seers – which they deployed a hot fix for. Why fix only Seers, when the Settling Down bug stops all progression 30m/1h after Seers?

Bottom line – many of us have been unable to progress the story since launch. Almost two weeks later, there is no official acknowledgement the dev team is even working on/close to a fix for progression bugs. Absolutely zero urgency to save a game at which this point, many of us don’t even play because there is no point. Wasted 60 bucks. From personal experience – .if a player has already spent 45 hours just exploring this sad excuse of a finished product, the last thing they want to do is spend another 40-60 hours playing a story 2-4 weeks post launch after devs took a lackadaisical approach fixing it. This is something players should have been able to do since day one.

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How is this acceptable from a major developer? Why do players who spend $60-$120 on this game accept it? This was my first pre-order for an AC game and it will be my last. Will also attempt to return the digital download under PS4’s “faulty game” return policy.


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