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Let’s talk about your VR milestone experiences !

Content of the article: "Let’s talk about your VR milestone experiences !"

I thought it could be interesting sharing about our VR milestones. The first VR experience you had, the stuff that got you stunned by how amazing experiencing VR could be, etc.

I had my first VR experience in 2018 while travelling in Australia. My girlfriend and I went to a museum in Canberra and there was this room with a few VR headsets and a queue. What we got there was a video called Orbital Vanitas, in which you're floating in space facing Earth, then a huge ass skull comes from behind and you basically get inside it while it moves. Quite atmospheric and weird experience but it blew my mind. Had a look in the museum shop afterwards and there's this folding cardboard headset for a few dollars, which needs a compatible phone to work with. I actually had no idea at the time that VR was a thing outside of expensive headsets such as Rift or Vive. I bought it with no hesitation and started downloading whatever small games and watching 360 youtube videos I could on my cheap Galaxy S2.

I later dug VR quite a lot and got myself a Gear VR with a Galaxy S8. I started with Face your Fears which is a series of 5 minutes experiences based around different phobias (height, snakes, spiders etc). And boy those delivered. Definitely made me realize the potential of VR and the influence it can genuinely have on your mind. Endspace was a huge shot of adrenaline too (and motion sickness).

I bought a PSVR last month and Wipeout is definitely the game that left me speechless straight away. Never had experienced such a sense of speed and the level of polish is outstanding for a VR game. I am now playing TWD Saints and Sinners which is definitely a step ahead in terms of deepness and sensations from other PSVR games I played so far.

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What was you first VR experience ? Or a game that made you go "damn that's what VR is actually about" ? I'm quite interested in hearing the stories you guys could have.


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