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Letter from depressed player

I'm writing these thing because I'm sad. I loved Blizzard games. I played WoW, HotS, Overwatch, HS and tried diablo and starcraft series too. And it feels so sad to see what the company using them for.

We played a lot with WoW. But besides WotLK MoP and Legion the expansions feels dead. BfA was a junk and I had high hoopes for Sl and it was fun for the first few weeks but then I realised there is no more content for me to do. Reps are boring and there is nothing in them, and before you say, during MoP, reps had their own lore and cutsceens giving them more meaning beyond grind fest, and trust me those reps WERE grindfests, but still felt better to do them than it does now. I finished 4 covenant on 4 diff character to see the lore then jumped into M+ and cleared it all to +15 to get the mount and cleared the raid on normal diff (I have no guild nad have no patience to go with randoms above normal) and thats it. If you had enough repeat or far old content if you can. Feels like the game is just not casual friendly anymore and there is nothing to do…so I'm unsubscribed for the very 1st time. I tried to enjoy the game but I can't anymore and it feels bad, I'm really sad about it because I have spent years to my characters and it's just depressing.

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With HS I made legend 3-4 times but to be frank Gwent and LoR feels much better to play especially since HS starts to feels like a cheap chinease game (the new art is nothing compared to the old ones from the tcg which later used for the first sets). The game itself feels like a paying machine. Fun removed. I got to admit I neer tested the new system, I left before that. It wasn't as sad as WoW but still seeing a game you loved goes down.

Overwatch was a strange thing. I still do quickgames here and there but after 2 rounds I'm going back to R6. It's just dunno missing soething. My friends left the game so I have no one to play with which made me look for other games and made me realised OW is not that special (I do not understand why they need to do a separate game like OW2 beyond make ppl spend more money)

HotS has the saddest story because it is the deffinition of what a MOBA should be. Map based strategies and character choices made games different, more unique, not just for solo/duo but esport scene too. If you watch LoL esport you know every game is made from the same 25-35 champions and you see only 4-5 different mid laner choice for the whole scene from which 3-4 is the same for years, the deffinition of boring choices. While here you had to teafight from lvl 1 whenever and object came up. I loved this game more than any other. And the fact that Actiblizz managed to kill this game with their own hands makes the company pathetic.

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Warcraft 3 Reforged made kill any hype chance for their future games and istallments.

So yea this rant is made from my soul because I'm sad how these games died and or keep suffering instead of closing them in peace the ylet them die patheticly. I loved Blizzard because the name meant QUALITY or at least it used to be. I enjoyed MoP and Legion but can't remember any recent expansion gave me such joy. No wonder every big name left this company.


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