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Littlstar -> Rad + PS5 and lots of updates / PS5 Giveaway

Content of the article: "Littlstar -> Rad + PS5 and lots of updates / PS5 Giveaway"

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday! We have been hard at work over the last year to improve the platform, build in more cool stuff, make more things free, and work on community driven content and features. Here is a quick rundown, with a full blog post about it here.

We are so SO thankful to everyone for all the love, feedback, and support, and we're excited for what's coming this holiday season. So excited that we're going to be giving away a PS5 with a couple of our new content partners ( Venn (gaming) and Proximity (EDM) ). We'll be announcing details soon (like within the next 24-72 hours) on our twitter and email newsletters. We're also going to giveaway an Android TV or two, so be on the lookout for that unrelated to PSVR. 🙂

Brand change

  1. We updated the brand from Littlstar to Rad, with a new domain that's easier to remember and fully formed. We love it, and the response has been great!
  2. Signup for Rad is free, and now there's a TON more content available for free too.
  3. The apps are all still under the same publisher (Little Star Media, Inc.) so all the apps you currently have should just update normally, but will be updated with branding and features.
  4. All licenses, subs, and data transfer perfectly for the new app brand as well as to the PlayStation 5.
  5. The mission is to create a hub that is more community driven while giving the abilities to watch things your way. Whether that's side-loading, ingesting external feeds, chatting with friends, or curating the large library of content for you to choose from.

New Features and Content

  1. We expanded from PSVR only onto the main PS4 (no headset required), and are a launch partner on PS5. Sony is very strict about who the let onto the main PS, so we thank the community for getting us there! There is a dongle for PSVR, and all premium users will carry over to PS5.
  2. We've tested side-loading on PS5 and it should support UPnP and RSS in the exact same way. Your own content is important, and we're big believers in supporting your own movies / TV / videos across devices. We're working on supporting full local libraries across devices, and even listening to local media servers from other companies.
  3. The premium content/feature offering will be on these devices for the holidays, with PlayStation being the only place for full side-loading support (but changing soon).
    1. PS4, PS5, PSVR, Android TV, iPhone, iPad, web/mobile web.
  4. We added a ton of new channels for E-sports/Gaming, Music, Comedy, Culture/Lifestyle, Cannabis, and Sports. We have 10 new that are live today, 20 launching in the next week'ish, and will have over 30-50 new live TV and VOD channels total by the end of the year. Many of these are free channels, but we do have a bunch of premium channels without ads included on the premium side. Since VR content production has slowed, we're still on-boarding that but regular video streaming has more content available. The mix is changing a bit as a result, that's just how the industry is working. We have listened to the types of content you like, and are focusing on these verticals to build the community around it. (Instead of trying to be all things to all people).
  5. We added live events streaming for music festivals, gaming events, and more. These can be viewed on TVs and mobile devices (without a VR headset) as well as inside VR environments.
  6. We added a 'Watch Party' feature that will allow for watching TV and live events together with friends or with a global audience. This initially launches on Android TV in our partnership with Google, but it will be available on PS4/PS5/PSVR soon, as well as across all platforms.
  7. We are making RSS easier and more robust and working with external partners to make adding RSS feeds easier to Rad.
  8. We're making the feature of Following channels more relevant, so you can follow a channel and have it be more prevalent in the interface. It will also allow for updates on when new videos are going live from creators, or if a live event is about to stream.
  9. We added Rewards, called Ara, so that you can get tokens for doing certain things in the platform. We will be adding all kinds of fun things to do with these tokens, including tweaking the app / profile / avatars, and using to upgrade to premium. This is powered by blockchain, so in the future you should be able to convert these tokens to real dollars or bitcoin or whatever else. I personally have been in bitcoin since 2012 and I, along with many on the team, are big believers in this tech for web 3.0. Excited to see how we can make it fun.
  10. We're adding Playlists. This will allow for you to build your own TV network of channels and share with friends. This is like Spotify for TV, where you can create and share playlists, and even watch them with friends. We expect it to be live before EOY.
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We are super thankful to all of you for your thoughts on how to improve the platform, and we're always listening for how to make it even better. For questions or feedback, please email <>( so we can track.

Much Love and Thanks,

Tony and the Rad (Littlstar) Team


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