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‘Live service’ games set a bad precedent that every game needs to have post launch support

Content of the article: "‘Live service’ games set a bad precedent that every game needs to have post launch support"

Like many of you, I have plenty of games I liked that devs/publishers dropped because they didn't do as well as they hoped (ONRUSH, RAGE 2, etc). While I was upset at first, taking a step back made me realize how I was really angry about nothing.

One of the things this 'live service' model has done is have people expect that every game, even if it doesn't support that model, will receive updates and new content for some amount of time. So now when a new game doesn't do this, its seen as 'abandoned' and that the devs don't care for their players.

Its really weird, because it wasn't that long ago that this was just the norm. Its not like consoles like the PS2 have infrastructure to send out updates or DLC, so really, every game was 'abandoned'. Even with the 7th generation of consoles, many games still didn't get updates or DLC. Once the dev was done with the game, they just moved on to their next project. Its crazy to think that simple concept has been completely erased in this new modern gaming era.

I saw this happen with Need for Speed fans when it came to NFS Heat. People acted like they were somehow just tossed aside by EA when really, they were never promised additional content or updates. They bought a complete game for a price and that was it.

I'm definitely not trying to hate on post launch support or new content, but in the end, it has set a frankly bizarre precedent that every game will be supported with new updates and DLC in the future. Some games just won't do this, and we should be better accepting of this fact. Post launch support and content is a privilege, not a right.

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EDIT: Thanks for everyone responding. One thing I want to make is clear is that I'm not talking about games that release broken, and lacking content. I'm referring to the games that you'd consider 'polished and complete' when they release.

NOTE: If you seen the original thread, it was removed by the staff but they told me I could put it back up again. This time I'm trying a less 'controversial' title to get a conversation about this.


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