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Logitech C920 freezing on opening YouTube/Discord

Hi all,

My SO has been streaming and we've been using a Logitech C920 I had laying around. It used to freeze up randomly at first, but we fixed that by making sure it had proper drivers and reducing the resolution and stuff like that.

Now, we're pretty sure that it can go hours without streaming. However, the second that she opens (specifically) a YouTube video or Discord, it always freezes. Even the Discord web app causes it to freeze. Games and Spotify don't cause any issues. When it freezes, we've got to restart the computer or else it won't be detected. Plugging and unplugging the cable doesn't seem to do anything once it freezes. Also, she doesn't have any programs running at all. None at startup, no antivirus, etc. So we're pretty sure this is not related to any background processes.

I looked in to this a bit and it always freezes the moment something that can possibly use the camera starts. Naturally, I thought I'd just remove the offending app or website's permission to access the camera and it would stop freezing.

However, that does not seem to be the case. I don't believe this is a USB bandwith issue, we're using the OEM cable and the webcam is on its own USB bus. We've tried basically every physical fix related to wiring, etc.

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We've also got the latest graphics and processor drivers on top of webcam drivers. We're using a blue yeti instead of the webcam's mic and have plenty of CPU and GPU power. The only problem seems to be that it freezes when something related to using a camera opens up. I've only been able to reproduce this with Discord and YouTube, however I haven't tried anything else that fits this criteria.

I was looking into it and the only fix I haven't tried is changing some registry values, as seen in this post.

Also, whenever it crashes, we have to restart the whole computer, not just the webcam. So this could potentially be related to the PC somehow? Not super sure at this point.

If any of y'all have any pointers or ideas, I'd love to hear it. I feel like I've read just about every single reddit post and web article related to this by this point haha.


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