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Oculus Quest 2 opinions/comparisons from a longtime PSVR owner

So, I’ve had and loved my PS4 Pro and PSVR for a couple of years now, and I bought and played a ton of games for it. Then, a while ago, I bought an Oculus Go, which I rather liked, but really didn’t use that much mostly due to it’s horrible controller.

And now, about a month ago, I bought an Oculus Quest 2, and bought a few high-profile games for it, and also tried out a lot of demos and sideloaded games.

I like it a lot, use it daily, and yes, it is a great device and better than PSVR in a few aspects, but definitely worse in others, although many OQ2 owners would disagree.

Anyhow, below are my humble opinions on both, after having owned/used the OQ2 for a month.

Oculus Quest 2 benefits (compared with PSVR), in order of importance:

  1. It’s standalone/self contained. That is amazing, no need to tether it to anything, or hog the PS4 and/or TV. This is the best thing of the OQ2.
  2. It has great controllers with analogue sticks. This is amazing for locomotion. It’s such a missed opportunity for the PSVR not to have this.
  3. Sideloading games, and adding user content. This is awesome. To try out apps and games outside the Oculus store, and being able to add custom songs to Beat Saber for instance. For instance, there are awesome VR ports of Quake, Quake 2 and Half-Life on it.
  4. The amazing guardian system, where you layout your play space in the real world by drawing on the floor.
  5. The see-through camera, which allows you to peep into the real world when you step outside the play area.

Oculus Quest 2 drawbacks (compared with PSVR), in order of importance:

  1. The very narrow sweet spot and god rays. These are SO bad. It’s been discussed a lot in the OQ2 subreddits. Some are supposed to be worse than others. I believe my OQ2 is actually one of the good ones, as it is just slightly worse than the Oculus Go, while many are a lot worse. But the PSVR is SO much better/less straining on the eyes.
  2. The graphic capabilities. Yes, OQ2 owners may hype the graphics a lot comparing it to the PSVR, but believe it, the PSVR has way better graphics. You will NOT see things like Skyrim, Farpoint, Astro bot, Resident Evil 7 or Star Wars Squadrons on the OQ2. Yes, there are a few somewhat-good-looking OQ2 games, but they are very heavily optimized, that is, it require a lot of the developers to be able to push them graphically, and still they pale in comparison with the better-looking PSVR games.
  3. LCD instead of OLED. The colors of the PSVR are MUCH better.
  4. less comfortable headset. The halo strap of the PSVR is way more comfortable than the default OQ2 strap. The elite strap is supposed to be much better, but they have huge production issues with it at the moment (it breaks easily), so I think I’ll pass on that.
  5. Viewing output on the TV. Yes, the OQ2 has casting, but it is very unreliable and laggy. This is more important than one might think, as the lack of it greatly reduces the social aspect of using the headset in a group of people.


The higher resolution of the OQ2 and screen-door effect of the PSVR. IMHO, the higher resolution of the OQ2 is not such a big deal, as it cannot push advanced graphics in games anyway, besides in low-poly games such as Superhot VR. And the narrow sweet spot and god rays bring down/offsets the overall quality of the graphics anyway. And regarding the screen-door effect of the PSVR, it never really bothered me at all, and I barely noticed it. Probably due to the OLED PSVR screen.

My final take on PSVR versus Oculus Quest 2:

I will keep both. I am using the OQ2 a lot at the moment, just because it is so easy to use, has great analogue controls, and doesn’t hog up the living room PS4 and the TV. This is really a big reason of why I use the OQ2 so much these days.

BUT I will keep my PSVR for couch VR gaming, mostly on games that are stationary or that I can play with the DS4.

So I will use the Oculus Quest 2 for games like in Death: unchained, Pistol Whip and Synth Riders (somewhat like Beat Saber), and Lies Beneath (awesome horror game on the OQ2), and the PSVR for games like Beat Saber, Skyrim, Star Wars Squadrons, Farpoint, Astro bot and Resident Evil 7.


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