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Looking for a skill-based game that can be played in smaller chunks of time.

Content of the article: "Looking for a skill-based game that can be played in smaller chunks of time."

I recently quit playing Marvel Contest of Champions after roughly 4 years of daily play. It has left a massive, gaping hole in my gaming and I'm having a hard time finding a replacement.

I'm not necessarily looking for another fighting-style game. Here's what appealed to me about MCOC:

  1. A lot of it tests your skill, and pushes you to become better at the game. I've played my fair share of "RPG Collection" style games like Galaxy of Heroes, Raid, etc. and those just don't hold my interest because they don't really challenge you much.
  2. Digestible in both large and small chunks of time. I have a weird schedule. Being able to pop in to MCOC for a couple quick fights was perfect. It also had things to do that took longer, for when I had larger chunks of free time to devote to it. I've not been able to latch on to games like COD/PUBG, or MOBA type games, as I don't have enough time to start and finish a match most of the time.
  3. Continued support. Say what you will about Kabam as a developer, they support the hell out of that game. It's almost hard to imagine sticking with something long-term when it only gets new content a few times a year.
  4. Its collectible elements were addicting. I'll admit, I was as addicted to the collectible aspect of MCOC as much as I was the gameplay. Like I said above, I don't think I could get hooked on something whose sole experience was building a collection…but I do get sucked in by the idea of it as part of the experience.
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In the past, I've tried a few other fighting series. Namely, Kabam's Transformers game and Injustice 2. Transformers was just too different from MCOC, while also being too similar, if that makes sense. It was hard to detach from wanting it to BE MCOC, but it's just not. Injustice was alright, and I actually played it pretty steadily for a month or two…but my interest just waned too quickly.

Would greatly appreciate any suggestions!


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