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Looter shooter looter shooters and more looter shooters

Content of the article: "Looter shooter looter shooters and more looter shooters"

This is getting tough.

I grew up loving games like Spyro and the LOZ, but then I got into newer games as well.

I liked Skyrim, I liked the Arkham games, I even liked the narrative heavy games like the new God of War (kinda, not a lot).

But lo and behold the new batman and marvel games are looter shooters (is that an improper usage of the term? not sure). Good or bad I don't play such things.

I also don't like the new massive worlds which are grind fests like DA:I, the new Assassin's Creed games, or the CD Projekt Red stuff of content overload.

Anything that looks like I could play it turns into a souls rip-off. Black myth: Wukong was looking right up my ally but then it just devolved into another dodge roll fight game.

I like dodge roll fighting, but too much is too much. Games with linear open worlds need a loop of fighting, different enemy types, exploration, puzzles, platforming, story areas/safe zones, and a cool gimmick that makes it unique like detective work or vehicle travel or something, not just wack dodge, wack dodge.

knight's apprentice memorick's adventures pretty much fulfilled these standards (hey, no one said the game needs to be a masterpiece, just a well balanced work that fits well together in a neat package.)

I love RPGs like Kotor 2, but RPGs are melding with AA or regressing to the super hardcore isometric stuff which isn't for me.

Are there any new console games any of you can think of that is a manageable length (say, 20 hours), good mix of side quest and main content, diverse gameplay loop, collectibles that don't verge into excuses for grinding, a linear open world, and minor/no customization while not being the cinematic heavy child and father simulators like God of War or TLOU?

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Bonus: if it has mystery or detective elements (no horror game) that's even better. I was hoping the new batman game would offer me the arkham formula with revamped detective work to fit with the court of owls storyline, but alas Gotham Knights is something different entirely.


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