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Lord of the Rings Online is one of the best game I have played to date and I don’t even like theme parks

Content of the article: "Lord of the Rings Online is one of the best game I have played to date and I don’t even like theme parks"

The free expansion they did was smart because it brought me back after many years. So with the 99 coins packs, I pretty much own access to all the low and mid level content and most of the high level content without a sub, the only thing holding me back from this game. For new players coming in, I don't know, not having access to these freebies now would have the opposite effect and drive me off.

The download and update times can be long and the first big turnoff is the character creation system. Shop locked races and class (only a few though and not really the best ones), though these can be earned in game which makes it a tolerable. The sheer number of shop perks and what they can do can annoy some too, this game is all out pay to win if you want it to be. I just pan to save for the 50 item crafting storage bag which will make a sub unneeded and the last 2 expansions and will be golden- the next 3X bonus sale will take care of most of what I will ever need with a small investment.

Speaking of the creation system- you will notice right away the models look dated and bad even for how dated they are. Limited to like 5 options on face, hairstyle and such- with the hair looking particularly bad on most races and hobbits very ugly. The saving grace is, in game and properly zoomed out, armored up, the characters look good.

The game itself is excellent. The controls and UI the best I have seen. Can totally navigate using directional arrow keys and number keys and TAB targeting. Hitting CONTROL / lets you move any component of the UI even if that window is not up, and the UI itself lets you resize anything, so you can make the mini-map huge. Pretty much unlimited commands, emotes and keybinds built in for any playstyle.

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The game itself has to be experienced even if you are not a big Tolkien fan. Each area looks to be hand drawn and is almost surreal. Lots to explore. You can ignore crafting and just gather and can explore and farm, at least if not wanting to be raid competitive and just have fun.

I play these games fully zoomed out anyways and this game allows a pretty good zoom range. With high res and everything maxed on my 32" 1440p monitor, this looks like a pretty beautiful and modern game compared to what is being released today.


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