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Lost Ark Information and Controversy. Civilized and friendly discussion (Long Thread)

Disclaimer : The purpose of this post is mainly to spread knowledge about Lost Ark. What is it about? Is it for you? is it worth being a whale? how do free players compete?

I'm not going to sit here and explain it's P2W or not, but at the end of the day it's subjective.

1. General, Common FAQ, End game, PVP content and Monetization

Someone has already created a comprehensive doc explaining what lost ark is about in . You check it here Lost Ark FAQ Credit: saintone

I will just quote some important points that people mostly care about from the doc in case someone is too lazy to read it. Keep in mind, not everything stated in the doc can be applied to NA/EU version, especially the content of Monetization, but it will give a sense of how the cash shop currencies work.

If I play Path of Exile or Diablo will I like Lost Ark?

The only similarities between the two is the quarter-view isometric camera angle. Outside of that, they are completely incomparable.

Is this a holy trinity game? Are there tanks and healers?

Lost Ark is not a holy trinity. Everyone is a DPS. The Warlord is a fraud. And Bards are mainly just there to be cute and shield you.

I see alot of people spreading misinformation about being able to PVE content "ticket/entry". This is false

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot buy additional raid entries. The ticket to do extra daily quests is not only overpriced but absolutely negligible to your progress (don’t buy it).

Are there character boosts? Can I skip the main story?

Initially, there are no character boosts. But the game is designed so that they introduce character boosts to level 50 that also serve as story skips later on down the line.

What is the level cap? How long does it take to reach?

The level of cap of Lost Ark is initially 50. You can reach it by completing the main story quest which takes anywhere from 11-13 hours for an experienced player or 20-30 hours typically for a new player.

How far behind will NA/EU be from Korea?

Guesstimate is that it will be initially 3 years behind and close the gap quickly. For reference, Russia started 10 months behind and today is 5 months behind by introducing updates slightly faster than the Korean version. Japan started 11 months behind Russia and is currently 9 months behind Russia in content. It should be expected that any new region will gradually catch up over time, but may not fully catch up.

Is the story good?

I think so, but this is subjective. You can read the full backstory of Lost Ark in this document that I translated.

Can I play just one character? Or do I need alts?

The pace in which you progress is strictly limited by how much gold you make. Since alts directly equate to more gold, typically you need at least a few alts to support upgrading your main at a reasonably fast pace. I would typically recommend 1-2 alts for a new player and gradually increase this as the content tier increases as well.

What is the sailing content like?

It’s very bare bones. You mostly only sail to travel through the ocean since you cannot fast between continents normally (unless you take the liner to fast travel but that costs Shillings). There are co-op sea events where you can play some boat mini-games with others to earn tokens which can be exchanged for useful goods. These are timed calendar events.

What is enchanting like? Can my items break or downgrade? Is there a pity system?

You gather materials (all can be obtained from the auction house), gold, fragments, and shillings and then you attempt to upgrade. Should you fail, there’s no chance of item break and there’s no downgrade. You just lose the materials and currencies spent to attempt the upgrade. When you fail, you accrue Craftsman’s Energy on the item, which should it reach 100%, the next upgrade is guaranteed. The amount of failures required for a guaranteed upgrade increases the higher you go.

What is there to do other than dungeons or raids?

Other than dungeons and raids, there’s PVP, island mini-games, island story quests, a slew of collectibles with valuable rewards, achievements, and sailing activities. You can read about some of these more in-depth in the S2 guide (mainly collectibles). Dungeons and raids are a major part of Lost Ark and one of the main appeals.

Look, there are so much information in the Doc, I really recommend people to read the docs for those who are genuinely interested in the game.

2. What are the PVE contents?

There are a lot of PVE dungeons and raids in Lost ark, will try to list some here. Going to credit saintone again for creating such a comprehensive guide Lost Ark Season 2 Guide Credit: saintone

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List of Dungeon contents

  1. Chaos Dungeons – This is easy dungeons with bunch of trash mobs and easy/normal boss at the end of the dungeon. You can do this twice daily.
  2. Guardian Raids – This is Monster Hunter Style dungeon. You get 3 lives (shared with party members)and Difficulty of this dungeon is normal to very hard depending on the tier dungeon. Definitely worth a try to do this, AI is built similarly to Monster hunter instead of your typical MMO that auto target. You can spam this but will get less rewards after Looting the boss twice.
  3. Guardian Challenge mods – This harder version of Guardian Raids. Once per week
  4. Abyss Dungeons – This is similar to WoW Mythic+ Dungeon difficulty wise (maybe harder for some) minus the trash mobs. Has normal and hard difficulty and similarly to WoW, only can get the loot once per week.
  5. Challenge Abyss Dungeons – harder version and once per week. Expect it to be harder than WoW mythic+. Once per week
  6. Abyss Raid 8 Man & Abyss Raid 16 man – Raid dungeon minus trash mobs 8-16 players. Difficulty wise is probably similar to WoW Mythic Raid.
  7. Legion Raid – This can be considered as one of Lost Ark strong point. It's 8 man raid dungeon minus trash mobs with Normal/Hard/Hell Mode. On par or more difficult than WoW mythic raid. When it came out, it took 10 days to clear the first raid (2-4 bosses). half of the players still haven't completed the Hell difficulty too.
  8. Cube – Not really a dungeon, but you will enter a room with random mobs/traps/buffs/etc, once your party clear it, you move to the next stage until you die. You come here to farm gold only. Can do it 3 times a day or do it once 3 tickets all at once for better loots.

There are a lot more dungeons and pve contents such as exploration, open world events and so on beside the list above. Feel free to check the doc above because there are too much.

Keep in mind, There are 3 Tiers of content in lost ark. Not all contents will be the same for each tier. Each tier has sub tiers will be separated into small range of gear score again. For example Dungeon A ilvl 250-280 / B 281-300 / etc. You will be GATED by your Gear Score hence you will not be able to just enter the max ilvl Dungeon

  • Tier 1 = Gear score 250-550
  • Tier 2 = 550-1050
  • Tier 3 = 1050-1302

Note : NA/EU will probably start with Tier 1.

4. PVP

Atm, there are 3 types of PVP.

  1. Arena PVP – Gear equalized
    • FFA 8 players, highest kill wins
    • 3v3 relay meaning only 1v1 whoever wins fight the next person
    • 3v3 group unranked and ranked
      Arena PVP is considered one of Lost Ark main strength too due to friendly spectator mode, smooth combat and decent skill ceiling in general.
  2. island PVP – There are some islands where everyone can PVP each other basically
  3. GVG – Self explanatory
  4. Next Update, they will introduce a new Region with open world PVP. No one knows how they will do it as of right now.

3. How do Free players Compete Against Founders Pack users or P2W people in general?

I can go on and talk about the exploration, open world, housing, crafting, etc but if you are genuinely interested in the game, it's probably better for you to watch youtube or read the 2 docs above since it won't fit this post so let's talk about the juicy stuff.
I will use Plantinum Pack as the comparison
– 3-day head start – This is self exaplanatory, F2P can't compete

  • 7,000 Royal Crystals

    • Hard to tell since we don't know what is in the cash shop for NA players but in KR/JP/RU they are used to buy any featured package, along with things like character expansion slots. It also can be used to convert into Blue crystal. "These are used for unlocking things like extra inventory space, extra loot at the end of a raid, pet passive stats, pet functions, and card album space. They’re also used for rotating hot deals on Marie’s Shop in the cash shop. These cannot be converted to Royal Crystals and cannot buy most feature packages."
    • So what F2P who doesn't buy this package lose by not having 7k royal crystals? As a player, you can buy blue crystal with gold and vice versa. You can get a lot of golds by doing certain activities where in fact you will only need to covert 1-5% gold you farm in a month into blue crystals (monthly) to be able to stay on an "even" playing field. Again, we don't know if the western will be the same so take this with a grain of salt. If somehow you never do activities that give you gold, you will obviously progress slower. Will explain what veteran and korean players think of this below later.
  • Founder's Exclusive Pet (unknown value)

    • Self Explanatory. Will be more convenient for people who have this pet. F2P can either convert gold into blue crystal or get it for free from event,quest,etc.
  • 30 Day Crystalline Aura = This is a weird one, because some of these are actually useless and make no sense.

    • Triport Cost Waiver – Self exaplanatory, you save silver coins when travelling. Decent early on.
    • Liner 50% discount – save silver coins when travelling. Decent early on.
    • Daily NPC Affinity Interaction +1 – so you can improve a reputation with an npc in lost ark similarly to WoW. It increases the number of interaction by 1 basically. NPC rewards give you mostly cosmetic, emotes, gold, etc.
    • Work Energy Recovery 10% – just means you can do hunting, logging,etc more often. Eh no one really do this atm.
    • Bifrost Slot + 2 – This is really good. You can set two more safepoint in the world to return.
    • Song of Return Cooldown -50% – Self exaplanatory. Can return more often from 2h to 1h cooldown
    • Stronghold related stuff – Mostly useless and doesn't impact gear progression
    • Free Ultimate Stress Buster in Stronghold – THIS doesn't actually mean increasing ur character leveling speed and can only be used after level 50 which makes no sense level cap is 50 in our version. Guessing because it copy paste from KR version (level 60)
    • Title – no stat
  • Founder's Platinum Title – no stat

  • Platinum Supply Crate

    • Resurrections – this one is also weird, because it's rarely being used (you can't use this in any meaningful dungeon content). The leveling quests give you so much to begin with.
    • Silver – GOOD because it helps a lot early on since you will need it to upgrade gears. Also at the beginning everyone will be mostly silver starved but eventually you will meet a wall where mats and dailies mats are the blocker, not silver because you will get so much more silver than you actually can spend in the game. (I have 30m silver and don't know what to spend it on)
    • Adventure equipment crates – only useful in mostly high ilvl of guardian raid and only being used in guardian raid. It's ok i guess but most players don't have issue getting this since quests and dailies are giving this like a handout.
    • Gatherer's Tool chest – this one also weird since the quests will give you set of apprentice's tools anyway
    • Hero's Ascent Chest
    • Silver – same as above
    • Healing pots = w.e because you can't use this pot in any meaningful dungeon, mostly open world. Leveling quests giving this like a handout.
    • Elemental Pots = Good, you this pot in actual dungeon content but can only use it a limited number per run. It can save you the trouble to craft these or save some gold (you use gold to buy this pots from AH, not silver). So I guess good early on, eventually people have too much gold and silver because the game gives you like a handout.
    • Daily Una's Task Instant Completion – you can already get this from the game daily, can only do certain number of daily tasks anyway. it's w.e
    • Battle item chest – same content as equipment chest + pots
    • Awakening chaos pieces – This is being sold for 250 silver per from general npc. this item is being used everytime you use an ultimate skill (5mins cd).You can calculate yourself how much silver you save.
  • Avatar – no stat

  • Char Expansion Slot – you are given 6 free char slots if i'm not mistaken. If you need the 7th slot, you don't care about this because you are already a no life and a whale. Doesn't affect F2p.

  • Mount – looks cool

  • Platinum Welcome Crate – only mentioning worth to discuss

    • Affinity gift – This is an item used to give to an npc to increase the reputation with the npc. Already explained above for the rewards.
    • Limited Card Pack – basic card that gives you probably 2% hp boost early on. Quickly replaced as soon as you reach end game and find better cards.
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Some controversy information

Loot Crates

It's not really loot crates but it might have been blown out of proportion by some people who thinks it's straight up loot crates. In Lost ark, there are purple grade customes, you can basically dismantle this into materials a lot of RNG to get Legendary. (More experience Lost Ark players might be able to explain this better than me)

Skill effects too flashy

This can be disabled. Moreover, in NA/EU version only, we get to disabled the flash when hitting monster too (Only in NA/EU).

What do Korean players think of the game?

It's currently number one MMO in KR atm population wise according to PC bang website and have been since S2 Came out where they did the rework. It was once 2nd overall after League of Legends.

is true people mostly just login do dailies and log off

Partially true if you are only interested in progressing nonstop and being the most geared because your progress will be gatekeep by daily/weekly activities. Only way to progress faster by creating alts since mats are shared.

What do Korean players think of the "P2W"?

Waste of money because it's not worth it as most of the stuff can be easily farmed and pointless since you will be at the top alone and might skip some fun gameplay contents. Like imagine skipping one of the guardian/abyss dungeon raid boss. Below are quote from saintone:

Be aware that due to the pacing of content updates, if you P2W to rush to +15 or higher, you’re basically waiting idly for the next content to come out while F2P players catch up.

This relates to PVE contents section, lets say you skipped Dungeon A because you can, then you will miss out the dungeon A and challenge you get from dungeon A. it's like playing monster hunter/DS then skipping a boss because you want to progress faster when the point of the game is the boss fight itself. ​

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silver coins = they are helpful early on but eventually, you don't know what to spend it on since action house use gold
Gold Coins = they are helpful early on but eventually, you will make so much gold
Blue Crystal = since farming gold is so easy (some people might misjudge how easy it is),most players just don't care spending actual money to get it because of the reasons above. ​ Take all of this information with a grain of salt. Feel Free to call me out if I said something incorrectly.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk, Please be civilized and friendly in the comment section, tho don't think you guys will.
P.S btw Quin69 gave a decent

review back then during S1


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