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Lost over 42,000 gamerscore randomly the other night. It’s currently being “investigated by the back end.” Anyone else having this happen? Or, any ideas what causes this?

Hello all!

So, a little frightening, but yesterday morning I got on Xbox like I usually do. I tend to have a habit of letting my Xbox stay on for a minute before diving into a game, and always open up the guide to check for any notifications or messages. So, when I looked up in the top left corner of my screen before opening the guide, I noticed my gamerscore dropped from 50,404 to 7,570. My heart immediately sunk. The first thing I did was request a call from Xbox.

Here’s how it went:

  1. The first representative tried insisting that it’s not Xbox’s fault and that I needed to contact each developer for each and every game that I’m missing achievements from (which is well over 300 games). I asked him to transfer me to someone else because achievements are synced through Xbox’s servers and I take my progress very seriously and I wanted to find a resolution.
  2. He transferred me. I spent around 2 hours on the phone with this lady. She checked my account, checked if I had any code of conduct or enforcement actions against me, checked for outages, had me resync with TrueAchievements, redownload my profile, etc. None of the troubleshooting worked. I also have a “green/good” reputation on Xbox, with only 2 past enforcement actions, one from 2018 and one from February and both were removed the following day of each. They were for using a curse word in a message, but other than that I have no actions against me. She said she spoke with her manager and they had to document and send my information as a source supply to the back end to get fixed. I asked her what caused it, but she had no answer.
  3. I started getting really antsy and anxious late last night because I have progress of over 10 years on my account, and it bothers me being left out in the open with no explanation or ETA, so I chatted with a Microsoft rep to see if they could check on the progress. He assured me that my information was sent to the back end, and that all of my achievements and gamerscore will be resolved in 24-72 hours.
  4. I spoke to a rep again tonight regarding a refund request and she as well noted that the case regarding my gamerscore is still open. She claimed that she experienced the same issue before and the back end had to fix it and again, she also reassured me not to worry.
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I can’t help but to worry. I don’t know what’s going on. I guess it’s just something that I’ve worked hard on and hitting 50k was an accomplishment for me and to wake up one day and it be gone for no reason would make anyone worry. What’s odd is it seems like all game progress/achievements from Xbox One were “wiped”, and the only achievements showing are those from my 360 days. Another odd thing is, when I go to my Xbox profile and then go to the gaming tab where it shows your recent games, it’ll show 0 achievements and 0 gamerscore for each game on the list, but when I click on one game it’ll show the achievements that I’ve unlocked and gamerscore earned from it. It’s almost like it’s not reflecting it out of nowhere. I did a hard reset, launched apex (one of the games I have 100% achievements in) and it synced the achievements for Apex and then reflected on my account, bringing my gamerscore up a little bit, but it’s not doing it for any other game after launching. Is there anyone else experiencing this? I know they had a massive outage last year with gamerscore, but there doesn’t appear to be a known outage on Xbox status page. Or has anyone had this happen that can offer me some sort of insight?

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Thank you for taking the time to read my post 🧡


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