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Lost Planet 2, a retrospective after 12 years since playing at release

NOTE: Lost Planet 2 is currently free for owners of XBOX Live Gold and XBOX Gamepass Ultimate. The online community is very active on XBOX currently! This free promotion is available to purchase until the end of February 2021


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  5. Graphics
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  7. Overall thoughts


I remember playing the Lost Planet 2 demo back on the PlayStation 3 in 2009, when I was only 9 years old. I’m currently about to turn 21. The gameplay was unreal, graphics were amazing, and I was sunk into it. I bought the game and fell in love with everything, but after playing it again 12 years later, the nostalgic vision is gone, so what remains?


The story of Lost Planet 2 is interesting. Warring factions fight over thermal energy on an alien planet that is obtain by its creatures. You have pirates, the military corporation, mercenaries, and more. The story felt like it was taken to the side, only used to give support to different scenarios and missions. It can be looked over of course because it’s not the main focus of Lost Planet 2. I feel that the game has much more potential for “offshoot” sequels taken in the same universe.


The campaign consists of roughly 6 episodes, each episode containing 3 missions, adding up to 18 missions total. Average playtime is 10.5 hours, not bad. You get 3 AI players if you play alone, or you can quick match/host a game with up to 3 other real players online.

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Personally, I have mixed feelings about the campaign. Missions that contain mech suit battles, boss fights, and alien creature massacre really make this game fun. However, the rest of the missions are simple “defend X for Z minutes” or “Capture X”, and it finds itself repeating A LOT.

This game has loot boxes… free. Killing enemies will give you a “?” box that can be filled with upgraded weapons, abilities, and other things, or it can be filled with credits that you used to play a slot machine that gives you new customization items.

The gameplay is simple co-op fun. You aren’t playing an intricate tactical shooter, but you’re able to hop in a Metal Gear like mech, blow shit up, fight giant aliens, grapple hook, use various guns that you pickup, and just massacre. The difficultly can be pretty intense, which makes boss fights fun and intense, but can make normal missions a slog-fest.

Controls are pretty strange, but this is a late 2000’s Capcom shooter, no surprise.


The music is amazing, with an epic beat, and deep bass that sets the tone for badass battles, but it’s very sparse and isn’t present in many areas of the game where instead, it is filled with WAY too loud explosions, pellet gun noises, and okay audio FX.

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The graphics hold up very well compared to other games that were in development in 2009. This game used to make nine-year-old me think that the future is now, and really set the way for next generation consoles. Lighting is really the strong suit here, as it complements the tone and scenery.

CUTSCENES LOOK INCREDIBLE. You would actually have me tricked if you said that the cutscenes weren’t from mid 2010’s, it’s really insane.


Cant really comment on this, as I’ve only played one or two matches. Multiplayer seems a bit “everywhere” and doesn’t really know what it wants to be. Is it an area shooter? Monster Hunter meets Battlefront 2? Mech suit arena? You’ll have to try it for itself.


Lost Planet 2 may not be incredible, but there’s something nice about going back and seeing how the game stands up. Those who remember it, usually love it, and it’s easy to see why. Fast paced vertical movement, good gunplay, alien monster fights, metal gear mechs, character customization; hell… you get to even play with Monster Hunter, Metal Gear, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil outfits.

With the game free on XBOX Live Gold this month, the player base is the most active it has been since release. I suggest trying it out if you’re an XBOX player OR if you can find a friend to play

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