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Mafia Definitive Edition has really exceeded my expectations

Content of the article: "Mafia Definitive Edition has really exceeded my expectations"

For the record, I never played any of the Mafia games until today. Why did I try this game out? I like open worlds, especially ones based on real locations and time periods. For that reason alone I bought Mafia DE.



I did a couple missions but I really just wanted to roam around the city (based on Chicago). The in game city is gorgeous by the way. But I ended up getting sucked into the story so much that I didnt realize I was 11 chapters in and it's now 4am.

Also the small details are wonderful and really flesh out games like this. The radio gets muffled driving thru tunnels. The news will tell you of a bad car crash and you can drive there and witness the aftermath yourself. Depending on the year, you will hear broadcasts of FDRs speeches, news of the Akron airship disaster, ect. The interiors of buildings are meticulously decorated. There is a speed limiter option. Nice selection of period authentic cars (50+), that all feel drastically different from one another.

Gunplay is solid and all the weapons have a nice weight to them, and shooting enemies feels satisfying. Melee and fists are hit and miss with me, as the camera cuts awkwardly during some QTEs. Driving is excellent. Main character is likable and the side characters are nuanced and layered, brought forth by top notch voice acting.



The game is not perfect or on par with heavyweights like rockstar games by the way, so don't expect that. That does not mean it's bad though. There is clunkiness in taking cover, climbing, and sometimes even walking over a curb more than 2 inches high. Some of the animations (especially the fire effects) leave a lot to be desired. There is occasional texture pop in (grass and shrubs in the countryside; random pedestrians in the city). It is not a GTAish open world. Without the missions there isnt a lot of side content. As far as I tried, you cannot ride the elevated train and it is just for aesthetics, something GTA3 in 2001 you were able to do.

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TL;DR: For a less than full priced game ($39.99), Mafia is not just worth your money but your time. Any previously stated flaws get drowned out by excellent storytelling reminiscent of binge watching a good show, always wanting to do just one more mission.



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