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Mafia III or should I say Godfather II

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Or should I say Godfather II? This game kind of wore me down halfway through it which is a shame consider how strong it opened with its prologue. I'd give it a 6.5/10 and I'm giving it an extra point for its Dlc which was excellent. It kind of shows you that a more linear story focused direction would have really helped this game which is how I felt about Mafia 2. Where Mafia 2 had a giant open world that felt and dead nothing to do in it. Mafia III was an open world full of busy work.

The actual main missions were really fun but like Godfather 2 the main missions are few and far between between hours of busy work the game makes you do which is mostly either blowing something up in a warehouse, killing someone in a warehouse or steal a vehicle from a warehouse.

The best thing about this game by far is the soundtrack. Absolutely killer. The setting of the '60s in New Orleans is an interesting backdrop. Most of the characters are pretty interesting. I liked the whole lieutenant system but they don't really do anything interesting with Cassandra, Vito or Burke after they're introduced. Their side missions are the same kind of busy work you see in the rest of the game. Donovan was probably my favourite character. I really liked the Faster Baby and Stone Unturned DLC as it was a shorter, tighter and more linear exciting experience. The third DLC story was a little bit far fetched for me but I did like rebuilding the bar.

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I know the game came out in 2016 but it looked like it could gave been a previous generation title easily. So many glitches. Cut scenes where characters aren't animated correctly or shown with different outfits, guns and cars than what you were using in the previous gameplay. My game crashed a couple times and I had a couple game breaking glitches that forced me to start missions over. I was also disappointed by the lack of customization where it makes money kind of pointless so that building an empire doesn't really feel like it pays off. I don't know. Not the worst time I've played but definitely the most disappointing title I played in 2020.


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