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Magic systems: the best and the most fun magic systems

Content of the article: "Magic systems: the best and the most fun magic systems"

I'm going to preface this post with two games (technically three):

Morrowind & Oblivion – you can't talk about magic systems without talking about Elder Scrolls (I'm leaving Skyrim out because it's stupified compared to the previous two). I have vivid memories of being like five or six and discovering the spell creation aspect of Morrowind, I'd like to just cast a spell and suddenly have a whole army at my disposal, sitting in the back casting degrade armor spells as my minions eat through my enemies. Too bad I'm too impatient to play Morrowind today (I get into a mod cycle where I spend way more time looking for and installing mods than actually playing).

Oblivion was a step back, but still had it's moments. I remember grinding to get the black soul gems I needed to get the best enchantments possible, and maxing out invisibility. You punch someone and they just run away in terror, or scream about finding and killing you in vein. Delightful experiences.

And then there's Two Worlds II. Despite how shitty the game is 90% of the time (from the beyond corny dialogue, the bugs, to the shitty story), it had a fun as fuck magic system. You could rain anvils and barrels from the sky, or, as I'm prone to do in any game, max out summoning and throw horde after horde against your enemies.

So now I've recently got a half assed decent gaming rig, and I'm stuck. Do I replay the games I loved as a kid, knowing they won't give me as much enjoyment as they once did, or look into games that don't scratch that itch?

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I need a game with an interesting magic system. I love summoning and necromancy, so those, if possible, would be great.

Now, now, this isn't just a 'GIVE ME GAMES' type post, I also want to make this a discussion about magic systems (or, tech systems if it's sci-fi and it sort of emulates magic) in general. Talk about the games you enjoyed!


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