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Manifold Garden: A must play for people who like Portal, Anitchamber, The Talos Principle and puzzle game along those lines.

As a puzzle game/Myst, Talos principle fan I should have played this a lot earlier but I recently came across a sale and I decided to try it out and it was well worth it. In fact it well surpassed my moderate expectations for a puzzle game in this genre, probably placing among the best I have ever played, not because of it's difficulty but for being so innovative in its design.

Let me list out the few (not really) cons before I start praising the game:

1) In terms of length this is much shorter than Myst/Riven and obviously much shorter than The Talos Principle but much longer than Portal & Portal 2. You will be done with your play-through in 7 hours or less. I just didn't want the game to end that early but the length might be perfect for other players.

2) Don't expect high level Graphics: This is a deliberate choice for this game and it works completely in its favor. The simplistic graphics makes the levels that much more grander.

3) The ending is really underwhelming but I can undertand what they were going for.

Onto the Pros:

1) Every Level stretches to Infinifty and Beyond: You heard that right. Every level repeats itself to infinity and at later times it's integral to solving every puzzle. Infact, if you have a PC that can take it, I would suggest you crank up that draw distance in settings. Simplistic polygon shapes becomes art when you see it procedureally generated towards infinifty in both directions. Granted it's only a small section of the arena that is being replicated constantly but nevertheless, at every single place it's a sight to behold and it lends a scale of epicness that only a few AAA titles like Shadow of the Collosus or God of War have managed to convey (drawing from my own experience).

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2) Simplitic Art Style: This is one of the of the few games out there that nails the minimalist art style and it shows. The animation and the artwork of sheer minimalism is a work of masterpiece whenever it conveys that grand visual scope that the levels want to convey and that brings me to my next point.

3) A Grand Scale: Because of this repeating minimalist look, all levels have this epicness about it and by repeating the design throughout with really tall ceiling limits, it mostly creates these wireframe of grand areas that you would wish would exist in AAA titles a few generations from now.

4) The Soundtrack: A Bladerunner-esque soundtrack permeates throughout most of the levels in the game and it lends the levels the neccesary gravitas for the scope and conveys the empitness that it carries at the same time.

5) All puzzles have a gradual learning curve : This is not prevelant in most puzzle games and I am so glad this one does. There are some puzzles that would definetely scratch your brain initially but once you connect the dots it becomes all the more satisfying.

Pro or Con:

1) There exists a secret hidden run for hardcore puzzle enthusiats that is harder than the secondary puzzles in Braid or The Witness, in my opinion, and what I thought acts like a Warp Zone to the main game was nothing like it and at the very end I kinda gave up on the run. Its does lend a hand into the fascinating world of how the game is designed. I came across a few of these areas in my run and I gave up thinking I would link back to these areas in my first playthrough never to see them even after I finished the game. I am glad this additional run exists and it provides an incentive for all those hardcore puzzle solvers to take a major crack at the most difficult puzzle in the game, but without an online walkthrough, I have to say it is beyond the time and mental capacity that I ever will possess.

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TLDR : The length is short compared to Myst or Talos Principle but from a visual and a puzzle stand-point it's a completely rewarding expereince and a must play for puzzle game enthusiasts who are into innovative gameplay.


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