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Marathoning every mainline Final Fantasy game (1-6 so far)

Currently playing Final Fantasy 6 (Ted Woolsey translation patch) and have been playing all the games on the original system they've been released on. So for FF123 I ran the NES version, FF45 are the SNES version. The games have translation patches and maybe some bug fixes. This is also the first time I'm playing each of these games as I haven't beaten a Final Fantasy game before starting the marathon.

I've beaten 1-5 so far and can see the progression and experimentation the games have had that makes them all have their own style. Final Fantasy 1 is actually quite easy to understand with how basic the combat is, although you have to make sure you know what magic is truly useful, as there are a lot of glitches. Overall it's an okay game, but nothing too deep.

Final Fantasy 2 is the black sheep of the series and it shows. I actually had some fun, but the main problem is the leveling system. As there are no levels, but you level your stats and magic up. Use cure a bunch and you get cure 2. Use your fist enough and you get powerful fists. Problem is that it really requires a lot of grinding, I did exploit the system by getting max damage on my spells and max evasion, but if you're playing through the game normally you'd either be too strong or too weak. The actual map is really fun, you can go anywhere if you survive enemies and the new music is really good.

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Final Fantasy 3 is a big step up from the previous. They added a job system, where you can pick and choose classes for your character and level them up. It's gives a lot of needed depth and makes it fun to customize your party, however there are some bosses where you need to use specific classes to defeat them and that was annoying against Garuda. Where you needed to be a Dragoon, I sold all the Dragoon items thinking I was fine with my current gear. Crystal Tower is a very very tough area, contrasting the very clean adventure. Other than stuff like that, the game is really fun and is what I recommend to people to want a Final Fantasy NES game to play.

Final Fantasy 4 is when we get to the SNES and it really shows in the presentation. I got burnt out from the NES style so the detail in 4 really helped me get back into the mood. The story felt a lot more substantial if a bit silly sometimes, the genuinely enjoyed the dramatics of it all but it had a lot of questionable writing. The difficulty was perfect and the active time battle system worked really well. There isn't any reason to grind (maybe a bit at the end but that wasn't bad) since your party members constantly change. Sadly the job system isn't present, all your party members are set. But it's really fun and a step up from the NES games.

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Final Fantasy 5 is my favorite so far. It's like a more polished combination of 3's job system and simplicity with 4's gameplay and story focus. The story isn't as dramatic as 4 but it makes up for it with imo better characters and less bad writing, although it's not anything special. The gameplay is a lot faster and the job system is amazing. You're never forced to switch jobs and switching jobs doesn't feel like you're sacrificing levels or anything for those jobs. You can mix and match the abilities of the jobs you level up. Making some deadly and interesting combinations. It's my favorite game so far out of the others.

Thanks for reading, I was just going on a tangent and am interested in your thoughts on the games!


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