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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1+2: Good Old Nostalgic Fun.

Content of the article: "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1+2: Good Old Nostalgic Fun."

Ever since joining this sub, I’ve really enjoyed writing down and keeping track of my thoughts and opinions on games that I finish and them posting them on here for others to chime in. I think it’s because it’s a little tough to find other people to discuss the games with since most of the games I play are older and all my friends have moved on to the latest games.

So, I just finished playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 on my PS4. I had gotten the urge to play a superhero game after I watched a few reviews for the latest Avengers game made by Square Enix. From what I watched, the game doesn’t seem to be living up to expectations, so I chose not to get it and instead found myself turning to the Ultimate Alliance re-release that I bought a couple of years ago. I played the original on my PS2 way back when (it was my first ever superhero team-up game), but this is my first time playing the second installment in the series. Initially, I found myself really enjoying both despite the lack of gameplay variety, but later on, as I put a few more hours into the second game, I think it became clear that I was enjoying the first one more than the second because of nostalgia. I actually played the first game as a kid whereas this was just my first time playing the second so I didn’t have any sort of emotional reaction to the game at all.

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With that being said, I still enjoyed playing these games. The first one, in my humble opinion, had a more interesting storyline and better cutscenes to go along with it despite the dated graphics. The sense of joy it brought me as I relived the story again as an adult definitely brought a smile to my face. When it came to the second one, I found myself skipping the cutscenes and fast-forwarding through a lot of the dialogue as it didn’t seem to catch my interest. I wasn't invested in the story at all. I was simply more interested in getting back to the gameplay.

The first also had better level designs and the environment of each new area was much more varied compared to the second where a lot of the stages looked the same. The levels pretty much all played the same, but I appreciated the use of different colours and making each level look different in the first.

The main strength of the series is also my favourite part of the series, which is that they have great rosters featuring a lot of fan favourites from the Marvel universe. What I liked about these rosters is the number of different character combinations that were possible. I loved mixing and matching teams to find which ones I liked best based on their abilities. I mostly judged them on which ones killed enemies the fastest, but it was still fun trying out all of the abilities especially in the second game because of the fusion abilities which are special abilities performed by two of the four characters on your squad combining their abilities.

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Both games are fairly repetitive when it comes to gameplay mechanics, but they do have additional features that try to promote replayability such as sprinkling in mini side missions that can be unlocked by finding certain collectibles throughout the main story. I also quite enjoyed the addition of alternate costumes and the trivia mini-game too, but those things could probably be attributed to my nerdiness.

I’m hoping to pick up the third installment on my Switch Lite around the holidays so that I can finish the trilogy. Has anyone here played it already? I’d love to hear thoughts and opinions if you have!


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